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drag queen hens party

Does your bestie bride-to-be love the idea of having a hens night drag queen?

Condragulations on finding such a fabulous hens night idea - a hens party drag queen! If your hen loves her drag queens and her bubbly, you've just stumbled upon your ticket to Maid of Honour of the year!

Get ready for a night filled with sparkle, sass, and all things fabulous. From bedazzled costumes to dazzling performances, your private drag queen hens party will be an unforgettable experience. And to set the mood, don't forget to add some RuPaul to your playlist – because what's a drag queen party without a little extra glam? It's time to embrace the wigs, the glitter, and the fierce attitude, because this party is going to be one for the books!

Where Are You Celebrating The Drag Queen Hens Party?

Let us know where you are celebrating the bride to be with this amazing hens party you are planning! That way we can show you the exciting hens night drag queen packages in your chosen city - and you can get ready to sashay away to your chosen destination!

Private Hens Party Drag Queen

Forget buying tickets to a public drag show where every hen in the audience wants a piece of the spotlight. Having your own private hens night drag queen is a luxe and oh-so exclusive experience that will make sure your hen has the most special celebration! Of course, there will be some glamorous and flamboyant performances to complete the experience too!

hens party drag queen host

Your best friend deserves the best - with your own personal drag queen hens party hostess, you will have your own performance, photo opps, comedy and hen do games that you can tailor make for the bride-to-be! It is the perfect way to personalise the party and make sure that your hen feels like a queen!

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Drag up your bestie's hens party with your very own dazzling hens party drag queen host who's ready to bring the house down with her glittering performance! Picture the bride-to-be's reaction when she opens the door to find our My Ultimate Hens drag queen host standing there, bedazzled from head to toe and rocking more layers of lashes than you can count. This private hens party drag queen is exclusively for your group, ready to strut in on her sky-high heels and deliver a side-splitting routine that'll have everyone in stitches! Get ready for a night of glitz, glam, and unforgettable laughter!

After enjoying your amazing drag queen performance, of course your queen will play a hens night game with everyone as well - so drink, dance and enjoy the night with the hen and her best friends! There will also be lots of time for the perfect hens night photos and mingling, so get ready to pose! Once the fabulousness draws to a close and you’ve filled your camera roll to the brim with photos of your new drag queen bestie – she will sashay away...and you will have the fun memories and photos to look back on forever!

Find the perfect drag queen for hens party hostess with My Ultimate Hens! Contact us on 1300 339 734 now & start planning your hens night party.

Drag Queen Hens Party Games

Of course your own private drag queen can host your hens party games as well - from drag bingo to the classic fiancé quiz, your queen will be serving up a blend of cheeky and risqué comedy, with her captivating costume and high-energy performance, everyone will be delighted with your private entertainment – teehehe! Your darling drag queen will then take you through hosting a hilarious party game that includes all manner of surprises for your hen, making her feel extra special and having you all in stitches! The perfect way to break the ice for people in the group that may not know each other well yet - your own hens drag queen host!

drag bingo hens party

What's more fun than a good game of hens party drag queen bingo? This fun-filled package has all the usual fun that comes with bingo PLUS a sprinkling of glitz and glam from our totally fabulous and totally hilarious drag queen hostess!

Looking snatched in her sky high heels and triple layered lashes, your private drag queen is ready to serve up an hour long drag bingo extravaganza. This is drag bingo My Ultimate Hens style, where you can the drinks are free-flowing and the game is designed to have your girls belly laughing so hard they’ll be thanking us for the ab work out. With quick witted antics, puns, guest participation and of course prizes - this dazzling drag queen hens party experience really is a must for any drag queen loving bride to be! #henseleganzarealness

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Drag Queen Hens Party Inspo:

Wanting the perfect hens party drag queen eleganza extravaganza for your bestie's final fling before the ring? Get a little rambunctious and oh-so-glam on your besties hens night with your very own hens night drag queen! It’s a hens night idea that will have you all in giggles, enjoying the night for your beautiful hen and creating life long memories – and selfiees! Yassss Queen!

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