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The Ultimate Hens Sleepover Weekend

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Have you already found the perfect matching bride squad robes for your glorious Melbourne hens weekend?! Prepare for the My Ultimate Hens twist on the classic girls sleepover – with loads of girly fun and we add in some cheeky mischief with our hunky topless waiter! This package isn’t called The Ultimate Hens Sleepover Weekend for no reason ladies!

This fabulously fun Melbourne hens weekend kicks off as you check into your divine inner-city apartment accommodation! Each lucky guest has their own pillowy bed, and of course – the hen has been upgraded to a glorious bachelorette pad apartment with plenty of living and kitchen space to host the afternoon’s shenanigans!  Not to mention that each apartment comes complete with a full-sized fridge to stash all the BYO bubbly your heart desires. Glam up the apartments with totally cute hens decorations, stock the fridge with BYO champers and let’s get this party started!

Enjoy some quality time with the girls as everyone starts to arrive, glowing with excitement for this afternoon of sleepover shenanigans! Our stunning amenities are second to none, so make sure you head to the pool and enjoy a dip, or of course, if you prefer to stay in your room with the girls and crank the hens party playlist – you can do that too! Your stunning bachelorette pad boudoir is the perfect space to relax, indulge and party in!

After you’ve settled into your glamorous apartments, there’s a knock on the door! Imagine the look of pure excitement on your hens face as your very own topless waiter makes his grand entrance! We’re turning the heat up on this sleepover, My Ultimate Hens style! The girls will be in fits of giggles as this hired hottie dotes on your gals, helps host those hens games you’ve prepared and keeps your glasses topped up for two whole hours!

Our My Ultimate Hens topless waiters are so much more than just a pretty face and a rock-hard set of abs (although those are definitely impressive in themselves!), your hired hottie also comes complete with a charming personality perfect for lighting up the room and keeping everyone in high spirits! He’s the sleepover eye candy your mum never let you have stuck to your walls! This hunky waiter will pour your drinks and ferry around your grazing platters as you enjoy this totally reminiscent and glam time with the girls! What’s more fabulous on hens party than a perfectly chiselled, shirtless man handing you glass after glass of your favourite bubbly? Ummmm, we seem to be drawing a blank…

It’s two hours of pure bliss – with a side of delish grazing platters, and a main course of washboard abs! And if you’re really looking for some extra pampering, ask us about our fabulous in room hens pamper parties, to take this hens party sleepover to the next level! Yes please!

After two divine hours, it is time to peel mum away from your sexy AF topless waiter and bid him farewell as he reluctantly re-robes and heads off. Of course, the hens party doesn’t have to end there! Crank the hens party playlist and watch the glittering lights of Melbourne come alive below! Everything you need for a fabulous hens party sleepover is right at your fingertips – but if you’re feeling adventurous, why not venture out into the night and surprise your hen with a glamorous dinner party or even a stretch limousine cruise!

Or, for the ultimate reminiscent sleepover - settle in for a girl's night in, where you can pop on your PJ’s, mingle, play hens games and indulge in some good old fashioned girl talk! The world is your oyster! Just like the good old days with the girls, but with more champers and abs…

Treat your hen to a fabulously girly sleepover with this luxe Melbourne hens weekend! All you have to do is give us a call on 1300 339 734 or email us at Our contact form and we’ll take care of all the details, right down to the last shimmering ab…