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Active Hens Party Ideas

At My Ultimate Hens we love all things hens party related...from glitzy glamorous celebrations through to adventurous outdoor activities, which often get overlooked. Well, not today! Today we're sharing the ultimate list of experiences for our active brides, who simply can't sit still for her whole hens. And who can blame her?!

We're all for a long lunch, and extended margarita session - but when it comes to hands on active experiences, there's nothing more memorable! From treasure hunts to pole dancing to paintball, the spectrum of options is so vase you're sure to find the perfect active hens party ideas here!

Dance Workshop

A dance class is the perfect blend of fitness and fun where your bride and her besties can learn some new moves, let loose and dance the night away...not to mention you'll walk away with dozens of amazing photos and hilarious videos to remember the celebration! Enjoy a class run by one of our incredible instructors and learn how to move and make the most of the experience - no matter the theme. From burlesque to twerking to 70's disco, there's a dance class to suite every bride squad.

Dance classes can be hosted at a location of your choosing such as a private room, the comfort of your own home or even hotel room depending on your group size! A hotel is always a favourite of ours, because it means central location so you can hit the town plus an on-site fridge for BYO drinks for that liquid courage!

Pole Dancing

This style of dance workshop deserves a section of its own...especially when it comes to active hens party ideas!

Not only is pole dancing a hens party's the perfect blend of fitness, flexibility, fun and no experience is needed! Pole dancing is such a fun way for the group to get their confidence up as well as keeping things light hearted at the same time! 

You’ll be guided through the class with a professional host and they’ll show you the correct technique and of course, some sexy moves too! Learn the tips and tricks of pole dancing and have an incredible night dancing with your hens and her besties!

Hens Treasure Hunt

Hens Treasure Hunts are one of the most popular activities for our hens who love the outdoors! Get the girls out and about, split into teams, equipped with clues and prepped for a cheeky hens party adventure! Fighting it out to the finish line with your hens party treasure hunt team, collecting items along the way and completing hilariously cheeky dares to win points for your team! Now, this experience doesn’t have to be too fast paced either with plenty of spots along the way to stop for a glass of bubbles or two and of course, some sneaky photo ops as well!

Boat Cruise

Outdoors on the big blue, soaking up the sun and sailing along with a wine in hand is a popular hens party vibe...but for those who want to get a little more active on one of our cruises? Book a day time cruise, drop the anchor and jump in for a swim! 

Many of our boats have the option to use inflatables, paddle boards and even beach balls to keep the group entertained if you're anchored, or even better - if you've hopped off for a beach stop! When it comes to the My Ultimate Hens team, we alwayd opt for the game where whoever has the best beach ball serve wins a margarita!

Got a topless waiter on board? Get him to score a back flip competition, or join in the fun and have those who want to stay dry do the scoring! We know what score his abs have got him with the hens crew...but can his backflips stack up?! Whether you’re floating or flipping, a yacht cruise is an incredible way to see the outdoors while you celebrate your hens final fling before the ring! 


Hens party paintball is an incredible idea and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! Gone are the days these kinds of physical hen’s night activities were for boys only. It's time to grab the bride squad, get armoured up, load the paintball gun and go wild!

Especially for a hen who loves to be active, running around the battle field, crawling through bunkers and strategising with your crew will mean you have well and truly earned those dinner-time cocktails.  Another idea that a few of our groups have done is to have a joint hens and bucks and do hens versus bucks out on the field! The boys can try their luck, but we all know who will win anyway!

Expert tip: Be sure to have a spare bag and new outfit available so you can ditch the casual clothes if you're planning to hit the town or have a lunch or dinner following your paintball session!

Clay Shooting

Ditch the stilettos and don those shooting vests for an unforgettable hens party adventure – clay shooting! Clay shooting is such a unique and empowering experience and there truly is no better way for your hen to celebrate with her favourite group of gals! Amidst laughter and a touch of friendly competition, the group can embrace the challenge of hitting those targets! Revel in a day of bullseyes, bonding, and bliss that will leave your bride-to-be beaming with memories of her unique and fantastic hens party!

Your group will have your own personal instructor to ensure you have the absolute best of hitting the target, and trust us...the cocktails taste best when you've earned them! Clay shooting is a totally unique and fun outdoors activity perfect for your hen who loves getting active!

Let's plan your bride-to-be's perfect active hens party! Our hens party packages are totally customisable so whether she's a dancing queen, a paintball commander or a beach lover - we've got you sorted with a celebration that's simply unforgettable!