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Slay With These Drag Queen Hens Night Games!

A Drag Queen makes the perfect addition to any hens night - and with token cheekiness, a love for shenanigans and trademark sparkle, your Drag Queen is the ultimate host for your hens party games as well!

Turn your hens night festivities into an all out drag pageant! Of course, Drag Queens are known for the fierce, fabulous and flawless vibe they bring to any hens party!

Involving your Drag Queen host in your hens party games is the ultimate way to level up the party!

Whilst we are sure you have heard of the classic Drag Queen Bingo or comedy Drag Brunch vibes for a classic drag hens theme, here is our updated curated list of top hens night games to play with your own private Drag Queen - complete with printable templates to really slay the hens final fling before the ring!

Ultimate List of Drag Queen Hens Games to play at the hens night

What better way to get the most out of your sassy and fun hens Drag Queen experience than to add some fun hens night games into the mix!

 This way everyone can be laughing, enjoying, making memories and reliving old ones - all with lots of sparkle and a touch of trademark drag cheekiness and fun of course! We have calibrated the ultimate list of hens party games to play with your Draq Host below - complete with downloadable printables to help with your hens party planning - we've got you!

& Yes...Number 5 on this Hens Drag Queen Game List is the cheekiest, and our fave!

Read the list below and enjoy - and prepare to kick up those heels!

1. The Drag Queen Roast

Drag Queen Roast The Bride

Nothing like a cheeky Drag Queen Roast! Have your guests write down funny and light-hearted roasts for the hen, so that our fabulous drag queen can then perform a playful roast during the show! 

Some inspo prompts for your guests to write about are things like:

Embarrassing childhood stories

Awkward dating experiences before they met their partner

Any quirky habits or traits

Laughable fashion moments

Funny nicknames

Any culinary catastrophes

Unusual talents

Travel mishaps

Memorable obsessions or hobbies

Classic phrases

Iconic moments in the bride to be's life

Adorable things about their relationship

Favourite music, movies or TV shows

Have your own hens night Drag Queen host read out some of these prompts as the bridesmaids handout the pens and paper for this one - and of course add some inspo for the group of your own based on what you think the hen will find the funniest!

You can download and print the image below to get this hens night drag queen party game started! Great to play this one just before the scheduled arrival of your hens night drag queen - so that they can be ready for the big performance!

YOU CAN Download, Print & Share the below to get this fun drag queen hens game going!

Drag Queen Hens Night Game Printable For Funny Roas The Bride To Be Game

2. Drag Queen Lip Sync Battle

Ultimate Drag Queen Lip Sync Battle

Get the party started, the tunes pumping and everyone in floods of giggles with a fun lip sync battle! Two ways to include your private Drag Queen in the fun - either have them in a sing-off with the bride to be and guests, or be the judge!

Of course, it's all about the most campy, fun, flamboyant and sassy moves to make the night sparkle - unleash your inner fierce queen and prepare to out battle the other contestants on the hens night and be the ultimate drag queen lip sync winner! Bonus points for busting a move...and extra points for the hens mum, nana or normally wall-flower aunty getting up and twerking her way to an epic win!

The Ultimate Hens Drag Queen Lip Sync Battle Playlist

Drag Queen Lip Sync Playlist Inspo

The playlist makes here is the complete list of our suggestions to get everyone in the mood!

Express Yourself by Madonna

Lady Marmalade by Christina Aguilera, Lil' Kim, Mýa, Pink

Bang Bang by Jessie J, Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj

Hot Stuff by Donna Summer

Problem by Ariana Grande ft. Iggy Azalea

I Love It by Icona Pop ft. Charli XCX

Supermodel (You Better Work) by RuPaul

Hey Mickey by Toni Basil

Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It) by Beyoncé

Wannabe by Spice Girls

I Will Survive by Gloria Gaynor

Man! I Feel Like a Woman! by Shania Twain

Girls Just Want to Have Fun by Cyndi Lauper

It's Raining Men by Geri Halliwell

I Wanna Dance with Somebody by Whitney Houston

Super Bass by Nicki Minaj

Shut Up and Dance by WALK THE MOON

Dancing Queen by ABBA

Hollaback Girl by Gwen Stefani

Firework by Katy Perry

Enjoy the laughs, photo opps and fun that a drag queen lip sync battle will bring to your besties hens party - and of course add in her fave tunes that always get her up and dancing as well!

3. Drag Queen Guessing Game!

Ultimate Hens Party Version Of Guess Who!

This one is an absolute must! The gist of this hens party game is that everyone writes down a funny memory about a time they have spent with the bride - and the Drag Queen will read them out to the bachelorette in front of the group - whilst she tries to guess who wrote it!

This is such a fun one as it often leads to people jumping in with extra details about the memory, and it is also a great one to play early at the hens party because it can paint the picture of how everyone knows the bride - perfect for groups with guests from all areas of the bride to be's life that might not know each other in advance of the hens party! 

The added element of the drag queen makes it even funnier! A classic hens night game with a fabulous twist.

In order to play this one, the bridesmaids need to prepare:

- Pens for each guest - make sure they are all the same colour so no ones writing can be determined by which pen they had. 

-Sheet of paper or post-it for each guest - or use our My Ultimate Hens template for this game below - just save and print!

Prebrief your Drag Queen and ask her to announce how to play to everyone, and hand out the pens and paper!

Once everyone is setup and ready to write, everyone is to write a hilarious, memorable and funny moment they have with the bride! This can be something lovely and nostalgic, or something that will make everyone belly laugh!

The wonderful part about playing this special Guess Who Hens Night Game with the twist of your own hens party drag queen, is that your guests can really go wild with the stories and your host will tell them in the perfect way - making sure everyone has an amazing time laughing, chatting and celebrating with the bride to be.

After everyone has written their memory, hand the pieces of paper anonymously to your drag host and let the fun begin. It's great to learn more about the bride and how she knows everyone, relive old memories, and add some talking points for the rest of the hens party as well.

Guessing Game for Drag Queen at a Hens Night, Printable and Downloadable Template

4. Find The Guest Game

The Perfect Drag Queen Ice Breaker!

When it comes to hens party games, it's all in the timing - and this game is the perfect opener to the night. Play this one just after your Drag Queen has arrived, ready to break the ice and for everyone in the group to get to know each other!

Having your Drag Queen there during this game and getting involved with making cheeky, light-hearted and fun remarks along the way, means that everyone can feel more relaxed as they mingle and share laughs with the other guests.

Having this sort of interaction between your hens party guests early in the piece means that people will have talking points to come back to later and throughout the festivities - the ultimate ice breaker game with a Dragalicious twist!

Have the Draq Queen explain that everyone is going to have a Find The Guest Who... bingo style card. You can use the printables below - woohoo!

Once everyone has a card and a pen, have them announce it's go time - first guest to mingle with five guests on the bingo card in a row is the winner!

As everyone begins to mingle, have your Drag Queen sashay around the room, asking questions of the guests that relate to the bingo card, and making some fun jokes, helping other guests complete their card to be the winner!

Everyone will love slaying around the room with the queen, chatting with the hens friends and family and sharing how they know the hen, and a bit more about themselves as well - what a win!

A Hens Party Game Downloadable Called Find The Guest At The Party Downloadable and Printable For The Bridesmaids

If you prefer, you can use the blank hens game printable below to create your own funny 'guest match' items based on what you know about the guestlist!

Remember, when it comes to having your own Drag Queen host at the hens, the funnier and more daring, the better!
Blank Template For Find The Guest Hens Party Game Where The Bride Can Download And Print To Play At The Hens WIth The Drag Queen

5. Roll & Tell

Cheeky Drag Queen Roll & Tell!

This one is for the cheeky and risque bachelorettes who want to add a bit of spice and fun to the Drag Queen hens night game list!

The perfect opportunity to utilise the comedy and mischievous Drag Queen host - this game has everyone in stitches of laughter!

For this hens night game, make sure the MOH or Bridesmaid's pop to the shops in advance and grab some dice. 

This game is absolutely hilarious and can work as an ice breaker or a game later in the hens night, with a wine in hand! Remember, what is revealed at the hens party, stays at the hens party!

How to play The Ultimate Drag Queen Hens Party Roll & Tell Game:

Step One

Have everyone sit in a way where the Drag Queen and the bride to be are standing at the front of the room, like they are on a stage, so that everyone can see.

Step Two

Have your hens Drag Queen host take turns picking each of the hens guest's from the crowd one by one, to have their turn to come up to the front and roll the dice. Of course, her jokes about the numbers on the dice are funny enough, before the game has even started!

Step Three

Have your Drag Queen host ask the guest the question that corresponds to the number on the dice - and remember, the cheekier the better! It is a hens night after all!

Step Four

Amidst lots of giggles, the guest and the Drag Queen complete the question or activity shown on the dice - with the hen jumping in to help guess, add to the stories or laugh along with everyone throughout this hilarious game!

Step Five

Have the Drag Queen go through every guest, until only the bride to be is left! Now it is the hens turn! In a surprise twist, she must answer all six of the questions in front of everyone, and complete the activities with the Drag Queens help as the grand finale!

How much fun!

Here at My Ultimate Hens, we love to take the guess work out of planning the ultimate send off - so we have included our exclusively designed template for our Hens Drag Roll & Tell game below - all you need to do is download and print it - how fabulous is that!

Drag Queen Hens Party Game Printable For Roll The Dice Funny Bachelorette Game

Ultimate Drag Queen Hens Game Checklist

A Queen Is Always Prepared!

We live and breathe hens parties here at My Ultimate Hens - and having had the privilege of planning thousands of incredible events where our Drag Queens are involved in hens night games, we thought we would share some secrets on how to ensure you absolutely slay the planning of this very special event!

Here is our Ultimate Checklist For Drag Queen Hens Night Games Success!

1. Prep The Props

Share the love (and pre-hens errands!) between the Bridesmaids to ensure that you have all of the props ready for all of the games you are planning to play! A quick shopping list and whirlwind trip to worship the goddess Kmart will ensure that everything runs smoothly on the day! Multi packs of cheap biros, post it notes, dice and spare paper are always a great asset to have when it comes to game time at the hens, and ask the bridesmaid that has access to the best printer to download and print all of the hens game templates you will need. Preparation is perfection!

2. Get The Tunes Ready

Whether you are going ahead with a Drag Queen Lipsync battle or not, all hens night games with a fabulous Drag Queen call for some epic tunes! Pop the hens fave nostaligic era pop music on, or head to Spotify to access our exclusive My Ultimate Hens playlist - the music will get everyone in the party mood and ready to sashay the night away!

3. Prizes!

Add even more sparkle to your Drag Queen hens games by having some fun and cheeky prizes for the winners of your games. These don't have to be extravagant, and they are even better if they are able to be popped in a clutch for logistical ease! Some of our fave suggestions are mini champagne bottles, a gorgeous pair of earrings, a glittery makeup compact (very Drag darling!), or something super kitch and fun like peen shaped gummy bears!

4. Give Your Queen The Headsup

If your hen has something you know she would love mentioned whilst your Drag Queen is doing her stand up routine or throughout the hens soiree, let them know in advance! Perhaps it is a cute story of how the bride to be fell in love, or something she is really proud of achieving, something really iconic she would love mentioned...the hens is all about celebrating this wonderful person in all of your lives, so make sure you let the Queen know! Likewise, if there is something that is totally off limits, or a guest, topic or sensitive point within the group that is a no-go zone when it comes to your Drag Queens comedy, give them the courtesy as a professional performer of a headsup to ensure there are no faux pas.

5. Get Ready To Play!

Of course, each Drag Queen has a unique set of comedy and performative skills - and because there are just so many hens party games out there, make sure you don't assume the queen knows how to play the game! Take a few minutes at the start of each game to have a quick moment with your Drag Queen host to explain the rules of the game, how you would like it plays, and what their role is in the whole thing - that way everyone knows in advance what the literal game plan is!

With this fabulous Drag Queen Party Game Checklist, everyone will be ready to kick up their heels, have a giggle with the bride to be and enjoy the unique and unforgettable fun that your hens night Drag Queen will bring to the celebration!

The Ultimate Checklist To Make Sure That The Drag Queen Hens Night Games Are A Success

That's A Wrap On Our Ultimate Hens Drag Games!

Get ready to slay the hens night with your own private Drag Queen! Who better than a Queen who thrives on interaction with the bride to be and the guests - the games, contests, playful banter, costumes and vibrance all come together to make the experience of playing hens night games even more personalised and memorable. Yass Queen!

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