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Should We Do Burlesque Dancing For The Hens Party?

Did you become utterly obsessed with burlesque the minute the Burlesque movie came out with Christina Aguilera and Cher? Did you grab a chair in the living room, positioned in front of the TV, get a leg up, shake your booty and try to copy the brilliant, sexy moves that burlesque is all about? Ok maybe that was just us...

If you're curious about whether burlesque dancing is a hens party idea for your celebration, allow us to give you all of the information you need to know! As a hen’s party dance workshop style, burlesque is certainly the most popular. There's just so many reasons to love it!

Hens Party Burlesque

Reasons To Love a Hens Party Burlesque Dance Class

The dress up opportunities
A burlesque dance class is the perfect excuse to embrace vintage glamour and your inner Dita Von Teese! Why not go full glam and have the girls dress up in fun burlesque inspired outfits. Things like feather boas, oversized fans, sparkly headpieces or our favourite...the corset! Va-va-voom!

Empowerment and body positivity
There's nothing like learning a new skill to get you feeling empowered, and doing it amongst your best friends is just the cherry on top! When it comes to burlesque, it's all about body positivity, fun and celebration in a totally un-pretentious environment!

Suitable for all skill levels
Don't worry, this isn't Dancing With The Stars style dancing. You're here to have fun, so the focus is all about interaction, easy moves and a personalised experience with your own personal dance instructor. If you have a group of dance pro's, they can throw in some challenging moves and if you're beginners, we'll take it easy and focus on fun pinup poses, photo opportunities and vibey music!

Bonding and memory making
A hens party is the perfect time to bond, spend time with old friends and make some new ones too! Having a unique hens party activity like burlesque dancing makes it extra memorable, with fun accessories, incredible music and of course...collaborating on the choreography! There's so many photo opportunities, fun videos and laughter throughout and it will give you something to reminisce over as you sip those cocktails afterwards!

Amazing music
Ohhhh the music. One of our favourite parts of the burlesque experience! Burlesque involves a vibrant mix of jazz, rockabilly, jazz, swing and pop! Here at My Ultimate Hens we love a cheeky remix too! As that music booms over the speakers, trust us you'll be in the burlesque mood in no time. And if not? Have a champers and come back to us in five!

Hens Party Burlesque FAQ's

Can I opt to watch rather than participate?
Of course! Burlesque is a unique activity, and while it's adored by so many hens, it's not for everyone. Unlike a professional dance class, The atmosphere of a hens party dance class is always welcoming, supportive and designed for all ages and fitness levels.

Of course if you have any members of your group who would prefer to embrace their inner June George from the Jingle Bells scene in Mean Girls and volunteer as the videographer over participant, they are more than welcome! No one will be excluded on our watch!

Do I have to dress up?
Absolutely not! Of course many groups choose to dress to the theme to add to the fun and photo opportunities, however it's not mandatory! In fact, with our My Ultimate Hens burlesque sessions, accessories are included so you can add some sparkle if you're in the mood, and ditch the accessories when you head to the next part of your event!

Where should I host a hens party burlesque session?
This is a great question! The most popular location for a hens party burlesque dance class is in a private room! This means that everybody can get their shimmy on in total privacy, and crank the music nice and loud! Oh, and with a private room typically comes a private bar and bar tender which helps! Another martini please sir...

Burlesque Playlist Ideas

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