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What would a My Ultimate Hens party be without some incredible hens night games! To make your hens games even more fun and a little bit cheeky, why not include a topless waiter too? In collaboration with our very own hunky waiters, we’ve put together a list of all the best games to play with your hunks participation!

The Fiance Files

Before the hen’s night, have your organiser ask the groom a few questions in preparation for the event!  The theme of the questions will be finishing a number of sentences; for example, 'My Bride To Be's sexiest feature is...' or 'My Bride To Be's most embarrassing moment is' - or the fun 'Although she doesn't know it, when the hen isn't at home, I like to...' - teehehe! You can make up as many fun sentences for the groom to finish as you can think of.

During the event, have your hunky topless waiter stand at the front of the froup and assume the role of ‘the groom’! For our creative maid of honours and organisers, consider making a mask of the actual groom and ask your waiter to wear this on the day! This is sure to have the group laughing the night away! Your waiter will then read out the start of each sentence and have the group guess what the groom may have said! Once everyone has given up an answer, your topless waiter to reveal the real answer! Some groups even like to organise a prize for the person who was the closest! Previous groups have had shots or even mini prosecco bottles to give the winners!  This game is the perfect way to involve everyone and adds more of a personal touch to the event!

He Said She Said

Before the hens night, ask the bride and groom about their love story – things that are unique to them! Ask them things like ‘where was your first kiss’ or ‘where was your first holiday together’. Once you have a nice list of both of their responses, get the gals together at the hen’s party in front of the topless waiter. Ask your topless waiter to tell each question and both answers to it…and then the group has to vote on which answer they think came from the bride, and which answer came from the groom! This is another game that is sure to bring lots of laughs for the guests and the bride to be! This will be the first time she’s hearing his answers too!

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Toilet Paper Twist

Now, we all know the classic hens party games where everyone is split into teams and you have to dress each other up in the most outrageous and hilarious toilet paper wedding dresses! Of course, if you want to add your own twist on this, assign a group to designing an outfit for your topless waiter! Now whether they want to design him a dress, or even a full tux and bow tie is up to you!

If you want to take it a step further, another way we like to tweak this classic is pumping one of the brides favourite songs (try and pick one that goes for at least three minutes or longer if you’re nice) and when the music starts playing, you only have this duration to dress your models! This game includes not only lots of laughs from everyone involved – it also provides lots of fun and giggly photo ops afterwards – so clear the camera roll and get ready to snap plenty of photos of your new bridal attire. Vera Wang who?

Pass The Parcel

Another classic, you really can’t go wrong with this one! You can use your topless waiter to pause the music and also include him for the prizes! Before the hens, head to a cheap shop and pick up some fun prizes – think hens night straws, feather boas, sparkly necklaces and other cheeky fun items. Pop them all together in layers of the most sparkly wrapping paper you can find, and then pop together an epic Pass the Parcel playlist for the big day! 

Included in some of the layers instead of a stereotypical prize, pop in little notes with things like “take a selfie with the topless waiter”. The group will soon be falling over themselves to try and get the layer with the extra special topless-waiter themed prize inside!

Guess Who

Have each guest write down a memorable moment with the bride to be - it can be a hilarious and embarrassing memory or a touching memory of treasured experience in their friendship. Hand each piece of paper to your own sexy hens party topless waiter and have him read each one individually, for the hen to guess! This is such a lovely My Ultimate Hens party game as it leads to lots of laughs and lots of reminiscing about all of the lovely ladies who are in the hens life - aww, all the feels!

Blind Folded Touch Test

Get ready for giggles and a touch of cheeky mystery with our Blindfolded Touch Test game! Picture this: your blushing bride is standing in front of the group blindfolded and she  is on a quest to guess the body parts of our swoon-worthy topless waiter. With each guided touch, all of your guests are guaranteed to laugh while your hen guesses which part of the waiter her hand has been guided to. Now of course, remember to pop some boundaries in place to make sure it’s still a fun game for everyone!

Mix a little bit of prep with your own topless waiter and you have the perfect hens night game list that will have all the girls bonding, laughing and having fun together celebrating your bride to be! Her hens night really is the ideal time to share stories and make your hen feel cherished by all of her best gals and the bride squad – so get prepped to do some perving and playing of hens games stat!

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