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The Ultimate DIY Hens Night Photo Booth Ideas

Forget about splurging thousands on a professional photo booth—save that budget for the cocktails! We've curated the ultimate list of DIY hens night photo booth ideas that promise to have  you saying "oh snap!" in the best way possible helping you to inject some fun and excitement into your hens party without breaking the bank!

Creating your own photo booth is not only budget-friendly but also adds a personal touch to the festivities. From crafting the perfect backdrop to assembling an array of hilarious props, our guide will walk you through every step to ensure your hens night captures the most memorable moments, all while keeping your wallet happy. Let's turn your celebration into a DIY photo booth extravaganza that will have everyone striking a pose and making memories that will last a lifetime. Cheers to a night of laughter, creativity, and, of course, some fabulous snapshots!

Photo Magic Awaits...

Photo Booth Props

A photo booth without an array of fabulous props is like a party without music! When it comes to crafting a memorable DIY hens night photo booth experience, props allow you to create memories that will go down in history!

From tiaras fit for a queen to feather boas that scream glamour, the options are endless. You know your hen best, so tailor your choices to her personality and style, and just when you think you've got enough props...add one more for good measure!

For a classic bridal shower feel, we love personalised signs, chalkboard speech bubbles, and fun frames. Then, if you want to encourage your guests to unleash their inner wild child in front of the lens, we say go all out with wearable items like bright wigs, tutus, and sunglasses. It's fun, exciting, and especially hilarious especially once those wines kick in!

The key is to mix and match a range of props offering dozens of photo opportunities!


When it comes to hens party photo backdrops, we have one word for you...MUST! When your hen looks back on her photos, the backdrop is the ultimate way to make sure the photos are vibrant, memorable and extravagant!

Having a backdrop can enhance your hens party experience all around, especially if you have a specific colour scheme or theme! Silver for a disco theme, pink for a Barbie theme, gold and black for an elegant Gatsby inspired theme...the possibilities are endless! From metallic fringe backdrops to rain curtain style backdrops, balloon garlands and our personal favourites - neon signs, it's your own personal photo booth, minus the booth! We recommend adding a light ring for the perfect selfies, or having a phone clip ring light available for convenience!

Custom Touches

When it comes to a hens party, something that never fails to make a bride-to-be smile is custom touches! Whether it's her name, her future last name, the hens or wedding date...we've got your ultimate list of ideas to customise the photo booth experience!

Custom-themed props that resonate with the bride's personality or the overall theme of the celebration are the perfect way to add a sense of celebration and get your guests engaging, snapping memories and immersing themselves in the theme!

When it comes to customisation can customise almost anything! From things like hanging garlands of the grooms face, custom neon signs, polaroid stations or even fake "mug shots" with hilarious quips like "excessive dancing".

Not to mention accessories! From custom heart sunglasses to temporary tattoos, there are so many ways to add an extra layer of individuality to your DIY hens party photo booth experience.

Going the extra mile

For our Maid Of Honours with a type A personality like us...we know above and beyond is your default setting, so let's talk extra planning!

Here are our expert tips for making the celebration absolutely unforgettable with a water-tight approach to your DIY photo booth station!

  • Do a practice set up
  • Bring a portable charger
  • Have spare batteries
  • Make sure there's space in your camera roll
  • Start a group chat where everyone can share photos
  • Have a hens party photo hashtag #EmmasHens2024

Where can I set up my hens party photo setting?

The beauty of a DIY photo set up is its versatility – you can set it up in various locations to suit your celebration style! Here are a few ideas to spark your creativity:

Hens Private Room Hire:
Our My Ultimate Hens private rooms are the perfect space to make your own! From the spaciousness to the private bar (selfies are thirsty work, right?) and the ability to play your own hens party playlist - this will all enhance the vibes and make for an extra fun and exciting photo station session!

Pre-Party at Home Celebration:
Often a DIY photo booth is easiest set up in the comfort of your own space before the festivities really kick off! If you have a luxe stretch limousine coming to whisk the bride and her hen squad away, or if you're planning to kick up your heels on the dancefloor later in the evening - why not treat yourselves to some pre-going out margaritas and get everyone in the party mood before heading off!

Hotel Room:
        Transform one of our stunning My Ultimate Hens hotel rooms into your hens personal photo wonderland! This option works exceptionally well for destination hens parties or when celebrating in a hotel setting. 

Expert tip: Check in without the hen present and get everything set up. Have your hen join you shortly after for the ultimate surprise!

No matter how your beautiful bride is celebrating, whether it's a pink wonderland Barbie theme, a sparkly disco soiree or cocktail fuelled fiesta, you're sure to capture the perfect memories with your own DIY photo set up!

To plan the perfect hens party package, from weekend getaways to private bar hire, bottomless drinks or a luxe limousine or yacht, get in touch & let's make magic together!

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Oh and...get ready to strike a pose!