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Our Expert Tips For Planning A Hens Winery Tour

Is there any better occasion than your besties hens to kick up those heels, soak in the sunshine and indulge in plenty of wine? A private winery tour is one thing that so many dream to do, but finding the time to do so can be a challenge – we all know what our group chats look like trying to organise a get together with the whole group of girls!
 Our My Ultimate Hens Winery Tours are one of the most popular experiences we offer, so with that in mind, we want to give our organisers a helping hand so have popped together a list of our expert tips for putting together the most incredible experience for your bride to be!

Expert Planning Tips

1. Get organised early!
Start planning your event in advance if you can! This makes sure there is plenty of time to lock everything in, as well as give your guests time to prepare! If your attendees are anything like us, they’ll need to plan an outfit (if they’re really like us, they’ll need a new dress for every occasion!) as well as plan how they’re going to wear their hair, makeup and of course, organise a way home or sort accommodation!

2. Organise a private bus or chauffeur!

The best part about organising a private hens winery tour? No one has to be the designated driver! Often groups will hire a bus but one of their own will have to drive! More than likely, the role of DD will be passed on to perhaps a pregnant guest coming along, or even the bride’s dad! Opting for a driver who knows what they’re doing will mean that the experience will be 10x better for everyone, even those who don’t drink! Your chauffeur will know all the best places to park, the best places for a bathroom break if needed, as well as guide you to the best places to stop for a cheeky selfie or two!

3. Make sure you have a hens party playlist ready!
Now if you’ve taken our advice and have a private bus and chauffeur ready to go, they’ll be able to show you how to work their music system and naturally, for your hens big day, you don’t want to get stuck listening to the radio and those pesky ads all day! Organise a playlist with all of the brides fave songs so you can jam out on the drive! Some of our groups like to make a game out of it too and play something like ‘Guess that Song’ or even do some karaoke!

4. Make sure your winery tour is designed for hens!
“And to the left, we have the third historical hay bale shed we have seen today – let’s pull over whilst we all read the plaque…”
Yeah, no thank you! Ensuring you book a winery tour that is designed for hens means that the day is focused on your hen, having fun, and of course, drinking wine! Naturally, you’ll learn about wine on the day too, but do you really want to spend all day stopping at every single shed you see? A hens specific winery tour makes sure that you can make the most out of the day and celebrate your bestie with a glass in hand at some beautiful locations!

Following along with this, a hens specific winery tour will mean that everything has been taken care of for you! From tastings, to reserved tables and even lunch, it means you don’t have to stress about a thing on the day! No waiting in lines, no splitting up to find a table to accommodate your group and no bringing out your wallet unless you’re purchasing extra wine of course!
5. Wear appropriate shoes (or bring along some flats!)

Now, I know we all love a good heel HOWEVER, is a thin stiletto practical? Many wineries are on a hill so think about all those grassy slopes. If you’re opting for a heel, maybe think about wearing something a little chunkier, or bring along a pair of flats in case there’s any walking involved and just pop on the heels for the photos!
6. Consider a dress code or theme!

For our final tip, have you considered a dress code or a theme? So many of our groups like to organise to all wear the bride’s favourite colour or even go with the classic all pink outfits! Some of our other favourite ideas include everyone wearing pink and the bride in white, the same idea with black and white, or even, each person is designated a specific colour! Some themes to consider include cowgirl, disco, glitz and glam or even your own hens-fest with festival vibes!

Winery Planning

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