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How To Set Up For Her Hens Weekend!

Unlock the perfect formula for an incredible celebration and ensure you're fully prepared for the upcoming Hens Weekend – a vital component of your My Ultimate Hens activities!

Our go-to checklist has been carefully thought out by the ladies at My Ultimate Hens, drawing upon their wealth of experiences in planning Hens Nights.

Dive into the wealth of insights gathered from our own adventures, experiences and take a moment to peruse our checklist, designed to guarantee an unforgettable weekend.

So learn from our mistakes, ladies - and make sure you read this checklist before the big day!


Cold Bubbly:

We don’t know about you but there is nothing worse than lukewarm bubbly. If you are heading into the hotel room to hang out for a bit, play hens party games or even celebrate with a topless waiter before you hit the town, make sure the bubbly you take up to the room with you is nice and cold!

Trust me, you don’t want to be filling your fridge with warm bubbly because it will take them twice as long to get ice cold! Early preparation is key!

BlueTac for Decorations:

The awkward moment when you go to hang up your incredible decorations for the bride-to-be and realise you didn’t pack anything to hang it up with! The last thing you want to do is mad-rush to Coles or a junk store when you’re trying to set up to surprise the hen! Ain't got time for that!

Don’t forget a packet of BluTac ladies - NO TAPE! You don’t want to be using tape on the Hotel walls in case you accidentally pull up the paint! Trust us, we’ve been there and it ain’t pretty. Nothing would ruin your Hens Night Party quite like a call from the Hotel saying they’re going to charge your card for repairs!

Cheese & Cake Knives:

Remember your cheese knives and cake knives, ladies! Because A) There are never enough utilities in the kitchen draw; and B) They’ll never have the knives you actually need!

Having a butter knife on your Instagram worthy grazing platters really just kills the vibe. And let’s be honest, your Hens Night Drinks aren’t complete without a picture perfect grazing platter.

Enough Wine Glasses:

No one wants to be drinking their Hens Night bubbly out of a coffee mug… You may be lucky if you find 4-5 bubbly glasses in the cupboard of your hotel so make sure you pack a few extra for your Hens! 

Rest assured with ample glasses, you can get that perfect boomerang of you and the ladies cheersing at your Hens Night Party without a coffee mug making the shot look ugly! 

It doesn’t have to be fancy - plastic wine glasses still are mega cute!


You do not want to be spilling hummus or guacamole on your brand new Hens Night Outfits! Make sure you pack a few serviettes to keep the outfits on point! There may be some paper towels in the kitchen drawer if you’re lucky but, trust us, you don’t want to take the gamble!

Honestly, the panic really sinks in when you start attempting to clean your spill and it just spreads across your white Hens Night Outfit! We aren’t kidding, we have seen it happen multiple times and you just don’t risk it, ladies!!

When you’re buying your mixers from the supermarket remember to throw in a few packets of serviettes- your future self will thank you for it! (And while you’re at it; put a couple packs of paper plates in your basket, too! This is also an essential!).

Bin Bags:

Oh my goodness… This one is important! Make sure you pack a couple of extra bin bags for your Hens Night Getaway! You will be surprised with the amount of rubbish you will actually accumulate over the course of the Hens Weekend! Especially bulky items such as wrapping paper, disposable platters and decorations!

The last thing you want to do is walk the tightrope to the rubbish shoot with both arms full of loose rubbish! Absolutely not #hensnightgoals! Having spare rubbish bags makes it easy to clean up as you go as well! No one wants a pile of dirty plates with half-eaten cake on them in the background of their Hens Night Instagram story!


Sometimes as Bridesmaids, we can get so caught up in the activities and forget to organise transport between! Don’t forget to think about how all the ladies are going to get from point A to point B (especially when there’s bubbly involved!). 

Remember that My Ultimate Hens can organise luxurious limousines, fire trucks or even a hummer or two if you’re thinking about hosting a totally extra Hens Night Party!

Checking Room Capacity:

Usually this would be a problem for Hens Night Party Groups! You end up having to sneak your friends upstairs to your Bachelorette Pad to enjoy your Hens Night Games because your accommodation has guest limits. So, you have to send a different person downstairs each time to collect another few guests so the concierge doesn't catch on! Very sneaky!

But don’t stress because when you book a Hens Weekend Away Package through My Ultimate Hens you don’t have to worry about concealing your guests! We’ll blindfold the concierge for the night so you can have as many Hen-ettes in your room to celebrate your Hens Night Getaway! Let us sort this for you so this eliminates all the stress of having to sneak ladies into your Hens Night Drinks! We’ve got your back, ladies!

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