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Hens Party Games To Play

No hens party is complete without a bunch of hilarious well thought-out games that guarantee to have you bonding, laughing to the point that you're in stitches or even weeing yourself and getting progressively intoxicated throughout the night. 

Seriously, some of these are wee-worthy funny… The My Ultimate Hens HQ gals have tested it. 

So, jot down your faves, and have them ready to go for your bestie’s hens! Along with some adult diapers just in case... Hehe!

The Classics

Would She Rather

A classic quiz is always a great hens party option! When personalising one yourself, it can be as classy or as crude as you wish depending on your audience (sorry Grandma! We choose crude).

Think of a prize for most correct answers, hand out the pre-made ‘Would She Rather’ quiz, have your guests fill it out and let the hen read out the answers for the perfect amount of laughter and bonding!

Here are some of our favourite cheeky questions:

Would she Rather...have a hall pass for Liam Hemsworth or Channing Tatum?
Would She with a dildo strapped to her head or see her inlaws "doing it"?
Would She Rather...Have her wildest fantasy revealed to her mother in law or her boss

Most Likely To

A total classic that will have everybody in stitches! In this hens party game idea everyone votes whether they think the scenario relates most to the bride or the groom!

Some of our favourite "most likely to" scenarios include:
Most likely to...get caught singing in the shower
Most likely up late to the ceremony
Most likely to...spill something on their wedding attire

To make this even funnier, make cut outs, with spaces for the eyes of the bride and groom's face. Tape it to a paddle pop and get the guests to hold it up as their answer. Trust us, this will make for a hilarious hens night photo!

Banned Word Game

You can use any kind of ‘token’ for this game, but we find it works super well with pegs. Some hens like to use ribbons or bracelets too!

Each guest starts with 5 pegs (pegged to her outfit, bag, or whatever works!) At the beginning of the hens, provide a list of some ‘banned’ words, which each guest needs to avoid throughout the course of the celebration!

Tip: Use common words that you’d expect to come up in a hen’s party like ‘Wedding’!

If you catch someone saying one of the words, you get to steal one of their pegs! Person with the most pegs at the end of the night is the winner - and when My Ultimate Hens is in charge, the prize is always a cocktail! Who are we kidding, we don't need to win the game to find an excuse to treat ourselves to a cocktail...margaritas anyone?

Wild Hens Game Ideas

Dancing Queen

k ladies, this one is a good one! Prepare a bowl with the names of various songs that you ALWAYS hear on a night out on pieces of paper in advance... We’re talking the Remix to Ignition, Single Ladies, … you get the drift.

Have each guest pull one out (and maybe 3 for the hen) and that’s their song for the night. Any time it plays, they have to get up and dance in front of everyone for the whole duration of the song – whether you’re at high tea, on a boat cruise… we don’t care. Get up and shake that booty.

Prosecco Pong

The classic 'beer pong' party game...with a hens party twist! Grab yourself some plastic (I repeat, PLASTIC) prosecco glasses! Fill ‘em up with a bottle of the hens fave bubbly and have a table and ping pong balls at the ready.

Split into two teams and take turns aiming the ping pong balls into the other team’s glasses! If it lands in – they drink up. A quick way to get the gals’ competitive juices flowing and an even quicker way to get tipsy!

Our top tips:

Accuracy is key, so don't fall into the trap of wasting throws! Get in a few practice shots and steady your hand for the best shot at winning!

Communication is crucial in Prosecco Pong, and it's also the perfect opportunity for camaraderie laughter and bonding! Coordinate with your teammate to strategise your shots! Bounce shot, a direct throw, or flick of the wrist.

Naughty Hens Party Games

Undercover Garter

It’s time to get a little cheeky with this one. Let all the ladies know at the beginning of the evening, you’ll be passing someone a garter on the sly, and the aim of the game is to sneakily slip it into the possession of another girl, without her noticing.

Tuck it into her skirt, drop it into her bag… whatever you need to do, but the goal is to know you have it and make sure you get rid of it undetected! At the end of the night, the person with the garter loses – whether they must do four tequila shots in a row, ask the oldest man in the bar for his number or post a hideously embarrassing Facebook status as punishment is up to you.

Dare Or Dare

A naughty twist on truth or dare. Each guest takes turns choosing between completing a dare challenge getting a little daring answering a saucy question! 

You know your group best, so the key is to make sure the dares and questions are cheeky but not uncomfortable and always respect boundaries.

Dare Ideas:

  • Ask a random person at the bar for marriage advice
  • Let the bride post an embarrassing Facebook status on your account
  • Do a body shot
  • Give the bride a playful lap dance

Daring Questions:

  • What's the most daring thing you have done in the bedroom?
  • Who is your celebrity hall pass?
  • If you were to write an X-rated autobiography, what would the title be?
  • Have you ever "sexted"?

These hens party ideas have us sore in the cheeks from laughing so hard by the end of the night, and we can't wait for you to enjoy them too!

Our main goal here at My Ultimate Hens is to save you the time and effort it takes to come up with such perfectly hilarious and cheeky hens nights games ideas, so you can spend less time stressing and more time being the best damn Maid of Honour ever.

Let us worry about the planning and logistics, so you can focus on the important things...drinking the champagne!

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