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The Ultimate Hens Night Party Favours

Did you really go to a hen’s night if you don’t have some incredible party favours to show for it? Here at My Ultimate, we believe your hens night party favours really set the tone for your celebrations and they are guaranteed to make your besties night one for the books! Whether it’s a personalised keepsake, cheeky accessories or an indulgent treat, party favours are a perfect memento of the night, and can even act as a thank you gift for all your guests! We’ve made a list of all of our favourite hen’s night party favours, so you don’t have to stress about what to organise, and the best part is, you get to take all the credit as well!

Champagne Minis

champagne mini hens party favours

Who doesn't love champagne?! It's the signature drink of celebrations, and this is cerrrrrtainly an event worth celebrating. It's your besties hens!

Get the party started with a piccolo of champagne for each guest, and if you want to go the extra mile? Why not try one of these ideas...or all of them!

Personalised Cookies

hens party cookies

Personalised hens party cookies are such a unique and memorable say to send off your hen! They can be completely custom and tailored to your event themes to showcase your bride and her personality! 

Whether she’s into elegant designs or something a bit raunchier, there is a cookie design for all of our brides! Custom cookies also double as the perfect decoration for your table set ups as well!

Custom hens party cookie ideas:

Just to name a few!

Hens Party Sunglasses

hens party sunglasses

Whether you go down the typical love heart sunglasses route or even some bedazzled shades, hens sunglasses make the perfect accessory to your hen’s final fling! Matching or custom hens’ sunglasses add such a cute touch to any celebration – plus they're on the budget friendly side as you can often buy them in sets or packs!

We adore the hens party trend of writing on the lens of the glasses with a liquid chalk marker and snapping photos of everybody wearing them across the duration of the night!

Hens Party Sashes

hens party sashes

Matching bridal sashes are another incredible hens party favour which are sure to add a little bit of glamour and fun your celebration! Not to mention, a sash is a sure fire way to turn heads and let everybody know you're here to celebrate a hens!

They are great for photos and of course, can be completely custom to suit your group and your theme too! From colour schemes to wording, there are so many options! You can opt for classic "bride squad" sashes, or add a touch of humour with wording like "shot queen", "hot mama, "bad influence" etc!

 Sashes are also a budget friendly option as well as you can buy them in packs at many different locations both in store and online!

Hangover Kits

hens party hangover kit

Practical, cute AF and truly thoughtful...especially if you're planning on hitting the margaritas at the hens party. You can’t go wrong with a classic hangover kit as a hens party favour! 

Complete with electrolytes, bottles of water and maybe even a few bandaids and snacks, you are sure to go down as the best maid of honour ever! And if you want to go the extra mile, you can even add personalised name tags for each guest so nobody loses track of their hangover kit. If the hens is done right, they're going to need it!

Expert tip:
If you have a hens party theme, match your hangover kits to this! For a barbie theme, you could ensure the kits are all pink with a pink lip balm or scrunchies. For a Mexican fiesta theme, you could include a token mini sombrero and corn chips as the snack! This is a fun way to get creative and showcase that extra bit of thought and FUN!

Custom Hens Party T-Shirts

custom hens party tshirt

When it comes to choosing the perfect hen party favour, custom t-shirts are a fun and memorable choice guaranteed to get some attention and bring a huge smile to your bride-to-be's face!

Not only do they add a touch of unity and fun to the celebration, but they also serve as wearable keepsakes for the bride and her squad. 

What to put on your shirts?
 When it comes to the design, consider incorporating the bride's name or even a funny photo of the bride for all of the guests to wear. Hens party related slogans like "Bride Squad" are always popular, as well as having all of the guests shirts one colour, with the brides shirt in a different colour so she stands out!

How do I ensure everybody gets the right size?
If you are arranging custom T-shirts, sizing is a consideration you'll need to make! Sometimes sizing discussions can be uncomfortable, so consider the vibe of your group before choosing this option, or opt for something with an oversized 'one size fits all'! 

We recommend gathering the sizes of all attendees well in advance, so you have plenty of time to order and have them made and shipped. Many people reach out to attendees privately individually, or you can even encourage people to submit the information to you via the RSVP!

Beauty Items

hens party beauty items

For the bride who adores all things glamorous & lives for those shopping trips to Mecca and Sephora, why not honour her love for beauty with a beauty gift bag for her hens party guests!

There are so many reasons to love this idea! Your hen will adore the thought behind the idea as a beauty lover, not to mention the hens party guests will be kept looking their best throughout the celebration, and afterwards too. We love a party favour that pays dividends in the future too. Win win!

Our top picks for a cute beauty gift bag include lip balms and glosses, mini compact mirrors, satin scrunchies, nail polishes and under eye or face masks!