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your ultimate list of Unique Melbourne Hens Party Ideas

Your bride to be should feel like one in a million, not one of a million others! Forget 'been there, done that' and have her saying 'how on earth did you even come up with this?!'

We know what it's like...wading through through endless lists of predictable Melbourne hens party ideas on Pinterest when you could be spending your time drinking champagne and preparing your perfect hens party outfit. That's why we have compiled the ultimate list of unique, one of a kind hens party activities sure to give your hen a celebration as unique as she is!

Let the adventure begin!

Unique Melbourne Hens Ideas

Hens Party Tarot Reader

A Melbourne tarot reader is an incredible unique hens party idea that not only breaks the ice but sets the tone for an evening filled with laughter, mystery, and a touch of the extraordinary! If your hen finds fascination in the enchanting realm of whimsy and spirituality, she will simply adore a hens tarot reading session!

The vibe is total enchantment, and as your professional tarot reader makes their way around the group each guest will receive their very own mini angel reading! As your tarot reader unveils the secrets that the cards hold for each of you, this provides the perfect conversation starter and way to get the group engaging, laughing and learning about one another!

Of course, this is a hens party after all, so you can rest assured that the readings are kept light, fun and whimsical - you won't have to fear pulling the dreaded "tower card".  Simply grab a drink, indulge and make memories that you'll all continue to talk about for years to come!

Tarot Reading Is...

Hens Night Drag Queen Hostess

With their boundless charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent our My Ultimate Hens Melbourne Drag Queens will captivate you from their grand entrance to the moment they vanish in a flurry of hairspray and sequins, with dozens of photo opportunities, witty quips, laughter, lip syncinc and games in between!

The possibilities to incorporate a Melbourne hens party Drag Queen into your celebrations are as diverse as they are fabulous! From hilarious drag bingo sessions, to cocktail making classes a Drag Queen can brighten the celebration adding a dash of excitement, extravagance and unforgettable memories.

Many people ask us...what does a Drag Queen do at a hens party?
That's the beauty of the experience! Each Queen has their own choreographed routunes, lip sync playlists and repertoire of games to dazzle your group, and of course their own unique style from colourful wigs to triple stacked lashes and heels that make you think 'is it even legal to be that tall?!'

The one thing that a Drag Queen will always do however, is bring the fun, laughter, wit and banter to your event making everybody feel included, with lots of special attention for your bride to be! Oh...and posing for dozens of selfies of course!

Drag Queens Are...

Hens Terrarium Workshop!

A terrarium workshop is an amazing and totally unique Melbourne hens party idea that your guests will adore because honestly, who doesn’t love a little greenery around their home? Especially when each cute succulent plant, rock and layer of soil is chosen by you in an experience surrounded by your besties!

What is a terrarium?
A terrarium is a sealed or open glass container that houses and displays a miniature ecosystem of plants, often combined with decorative elements such as rocks, soil and even trinkets. The purpose of a terrarium is to create a self-sustaining environment for plant growth within a confined space - so you don't have to worry about finding the perfect spot for it to thrive!

Why do people love terrariums?
They look beautiful, they’re easy to keep alive and they’re SO fun to make – which makes them the perfect Melbourne hens party idea for creative hens!

What is involved in a Melbourne hens terrarium workshop?
Our amazing terrarium parties are hosted by our professional terrarium hosts who provide absolutely everything you need from the succulents, to the rocks and soil and even a cute carry bag!

Terrarium Workshops Are...

Whimsical Hens Tea Leaf Reading Soiree

Spending quality time with friends is always a perfect way to fill your cup...and we mean this literally when it comes to a tea leaf reading session! Give your hen an enchanting send off with a sprinkling of magic, fun, whimsy and ... tea leaves of course!

Why is a tea leaf reading session a good Melbourne hens party idea?
Tea leaf reading is the perfect unique hens party activity to have guests exploring their futures, bonding over their readings and laughing the afternoon away. Perfect for amazing conversation, meaningful connections and a totally new experience to enjoy together!

Picture this: Your own enchanting tea leaf reading hostess, jazzing up your exclusive corner with an array of stunningly hued, vintage-inspired tea cups and saucers. As she pours each of you a steaming cup of tea, the anticipation is building as your Melbourne hens party tea leaf reading experience that awaits. Tea is always delightful, but this is a hens party after some hens like to add teapot cocktails to the mix so you can sip on something a little stronger as you enjoy your whimsical afternoon!

Tea Leaf Reading Is...

Melbourne Hens Paintball Party!

For our fearless brides who crave an adrenaline rush and want to steer clear of the traditional high tea, a Melbourne hens party paintball session is for you!

Ditch the dainty teacups and enter the realm of pure excitement as you and your bride tribe gear up with US-spec Paintball guns loaded with 500 paintballs each, all set to conquer the My Ultimate Hens battlefield!

Throw on your protective gear, capture a fierce group shot of your badass bride squad ready to hit the battlefield and prepare to unleash your A-game because if there's one thing you need to know about Melbourne hens paintball, it's that exhilaration is about to take hold!

For adventurous groups looking for a unique Melbourne hens party a liiiiittle bit different to the glitz and glamour of the "standard" hens - paintball will fill your itinerary with special missions, strategic maneuvers, and a day full of laughter.

Fun tip: Add to the fun with a hilarious team name. Here are some of our faves!

  • Veiled vandals
  • Splatter squad
  • Bride brigade

Paintball Is...

Hens Party Puppetry of the Pen*s Show!

The Puppetry Of The Pen*s show isn't just a unique Melbourne hens party idea, it's downright extraordinary!

This show is adored by hens parties, and lucky for our Melbourne hens - you're the only city in the whole country that can have the performers come to you privately! If that's not the perfect excuse to treat yourselves to this hilarious experience, we don't know what is!

What exactly is the Puppetry Of The Pen*s show?
Your puppeteer will skillfully transform his erm...anatomy into mind-boggling shapes, giving entirely new meanings to iconic landmarks like the Eiffel Tower, the Loch Ness Monster, and even the Kardashians! You have to see it to believe it, and trust us you will be in stitches!

Is this more comedic or sexy?
The experience designed to have you laughing until you cry, bonding over an experience that's anything but ordinary. You can say goodbye to predictable strippers, because being sexy is not what this is about, though there is plenty of nudity to make it a totally cheeky experience!

This isn't just about giggles, it's about side-splitting laughter and creating memories that will be recounted with laughter for years to come.

The Puppetry Show Is...

Hens Party Escape Room

Escape the ordinary with a Melbourne hens night escape room experience! For the bride-to-be who loves a solving riddles, puzzles and a good old fashioned brain teaser, an escape room is a must!

Round up the bride squad ready for a day of unleashing your inner detectives as you race against the clock to find the keys to escape. This unique Melbourne hens idea is perfect for teamwork, bonding, strategy and fun! And what better excuse to reward yourselves with a cocktail or three afterwards? The martinis always taste better when earnt, we say!

Are there themes for the escape room?
Each room unveils a different theme – whether it's navigating a mysterious forgotten land, hunting down hidden treasure, or cracking the code to a daring murder mystery. Every room is as fun and thrilling as the next, with impressive themed decor, trinkets and clues to set the scene.

Escape Rooms Are...

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