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5 Unique Perth Hens Party Ideas

At My Ultimate Hens, your bestie is a one of a kind, so we definitely think her final send off should be too! Once you’ve gotten through the excitement of the engagement, you start to realise that you also have to plan and pull off the most memorable hens party ever – but don’t stress, this is where we come in! We have popped together this list of unique Perth hens party ideas for your bride to be, who doesn’t want the typical celebration!

Let the fun begin...

1. Aerial Class

An aerial class is an amazing hen’s party idea for so many different reasons! You’ll be guided by a professional instructor and of course, learn many new tricks and moves, but it's also totally unique! Not only is this a great way for your bride squad to get moving and be creative, but it also creates an incredible sense of strength, empowerment and a confidence boost that will leave lasting memories for years to come!

Of course, there will also be plenty of photo opportunities as well so you can take some photos for the hens socials! This is a great way for the group to get to know each other as well as bond and make memories with your bride to be in a unique setting.

2. Escape Room

Take your hen inside the world of Sherlock Holmes and surprise her with an escape room for her send off! There is truly something so unique about such an immersive experience and this is something your hen is guaranteed to enjoy! 

This is the perfect way to get the whole group together and break the ice, and surprising your hen with the experience itself is only phase 1! Once she's inside cracking the codes, racing against the clock and trying to solve the clues to escape there's a whole other world of surprises twists and turns that await that will have the whole bride squad working together to escape and giggling along the way.

An escape room is such a memorable experience and can be tailored to your hen’s personality with a range of incredible themes too!

3. Spirit Tasting Session

Sure, you may have done wine tasting before but have you ever tried spirit tasting?! For your hen who enjoys the finer things in life, a fabulous spirit tasting class is a truly unique way to give her a new experience, get a little tipsy along the way and maybe even come away with a new favourite tipple!

A spirit tasting session pairs perfectly with food from tapas share plates to a classic antipasto inspired spread to really elevate the experience. Plus, it's the perfect solution if your hen is after a distillery tour but wants to stay close to the action in the heart of Perth!

A spirit tasting is boozy, fun, unique and memorable - four things a perfect hens should definitely be!

4. Hens Treasure Hunt

Whether you have a whole lot of ladies who aren’t familiar with one another, or you have a group that includes mums, nanas and younger sisters this amazing hens night activity is a hit! 

Your private treasure hunt hostess will equip the ladies with your hunt kits and send you teetering off to find clues, riddles and complete cheeky challenges. There is some walking involved, but rest assured the proximity is small and there is pleeeenty of opportunity to stop for a sneaky glass of vino along the way of course! Your fabulous hens treasure hunt will end at your very own bubbly ceremony where you’ll compare pics, points and crown your winner!

Not to mention you'll come away with a camera roll full of hilarious photos from your challenge that your hen will treasure forever!

5. Fire Dancing

A fire dancing class for a hens party? It's the epitome of fabulous, though we'll be honest not for the faint of heart. Lead by your own personal professional host, you'll be shown the art of twirling, swirling and making total art with fire. Fire dancing is dazzling, daring and totally exciting whether you're participating or watching - and you'll get to do both! This is hosted in a completely safe environment with all safety precautions, and creates a strong sense of empowerment and togetherness among your group whilst also adding such a unique touch to your celebration! 

Most people can't say they've ever done fire-dancing so add it to your list, and swap the ordinary for the extraordinary and make your hens party a fiery, fabulous affair that will have everyone talking for years to come.

If you're ready to plan the perfect hens send off, we're ready to be your secret weapon and ultimate wingwoman as you do it! Perfect hens celebration here we come!