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Day Time Hens Fashion Ideas and Inspiration

So, you've been called upon to plan your besties hens party, and you want everything to be perfect! You're in the middle of figuring out the logistics, finalising the guest list and maybe even settling on some themes.. but when it comes to choosing an outfit for the daytime festivities you're feeling a bit stuck and in need of some Day Time Hens Fashion Ideas and Inspiration. Well sit back and relax because we have you covered!

Here at My Ultimate Hens we offer a variety of daytime activities that will ensure your bride-to-be feels special and creates lasting memories, but we also want to make sure everyone looks and feels their best. When deciding on outfits for the hen’s party it can be a bit tricky to strike the balance between sophistication for activities like a wine tour, elegance for a high tea or creating an outfit that ties adventurous and flair together for those thrill seeking bride-to-be’s. This process doesn't have to be overwhelming, we’ve done the research so you don’t have to!

Wine Tasting

The serene beauty of a vineyard is truly captivating and your hen has decided they want that picturesque and indulgent vibe that you get from a winery tour, but what on earth do you wear? 

Instead of opting for heels and a tight bodycon dress, aim for a casual chic ensemble that allows you to fully enjoy the experience without compromising comfort. Embrace the daytime with a flowy maxi dress, paired with comfortable sandals, you could even add a wide-brimmed hat. If you’re not feeling a dress, opt for some high waisted trousers with a cute crop top.

Aim for  florals, pastels and neutral tones and choose lightweight cotton or linen pieces, ensuring you stay comfortably stylish.

High Tea

Starting off the hen’s celebrations with a high tea is a great excuse to show off your style! It's not all about being formal and sophisticated; it's the 21st century, and let's face it, we're not just here for the tea! it's time to swap out the teacups for sparkling mimosas! 

Midi and maxi dresses are perfect for a high tea. You may even be inclined to pull out that bodycon sweetheart dress you’ve been dying to wear. For those vibrant summer and spring hen’s celebrations, keep your eye out for florals or pastels and pair with a cute clear, white or neutral tone heel!

If your bride-to-be wants to embrace the cooler weather of autumn and winter, try searching for darker colours like emerald green or rich wine hues. Play with the textures such as velvet and silk! And of course, add a piece of jewellery that effortlessly ties your look together!

Paint & Sip

So, you have a creative hen on your hands who would love a paint & sip experience. You absolutely do not want to get paint on that stunning $200 linen dress of yours, so it really is a good thing you’re here!

Preparing for a painting session would be fine if it was just a casual Friday night activity where you could chuck on an old T and bike shorts, but this is your besties hens party!! You want to combine fashion that meets practicality. Opt for an ensemble that can embrace the artistic chaos, like a cute pair of jeans paired with a crop or cute t-shirt. Consider bright coloured dresses that will hide any little paint splatters.

Perhaps you might even want to consider purpose-made hens party t-shirts, a dedication to your bride-to-be that invites colourful stains. Complete the look with comfy flats or sneakers that will have you giving off an effortlessly cool vibe.

Boozy City Lunch

As the orchestrator of a delectable, yet boozy lunch for your bestie, you want to make sure everyone looks stunning but not over the top! Start your style with a key piece, perhaps a gorgeous blazer that you can build your ensemble around. Opt for  chic yet casual, a silky floor-length skirt or a super cute mini dress.

Prepare for cooler weather with a cosy knit or keep a denim jacket on standby for versatility. When it comes to footwear, this vibe doesn’t have a rule; choose a heel or stylish flats, or go all out by pairing that blazer with jeans and knee-high boots! 

Style meets comfort here, and unless you have a chosen colour theme, the choices are endless.

Yacht Cruise

Embarking on a private yacht cruise to celebrate your hen promises a day filled with fun and luxury! You absolutely want to make your hen feel fabulous, and sailing on a yacht ultimately achieves that! 

The choice’s here depend on the vibe you’re going for; does your hen envision a glamorous and classy look? Perhaps against the backdrop of the glistening city reflecting the afternoon sun? Opt for solid colours like black, grey, white, silver and gold to create an elegant look, you could even incorporate different textures such as sequins. 

On the other hand, maybe your hen want’s that golden hour vibe, setting sail with the mid-morning sun, providing the perfect ambiance for flowy dresses, floral prints and pastel colours (think high tea vibes). Keep in mind practicality, you’ll be on a deck so depending on the chosen style, a low heel or trendy sandals will keep you comfortable and stylish.

Outdoor Adventure

You know your bestie loves the outdoors, so prioritising comfort and practicality becomes the golden rule here! 

We all wear active wear when we’re not actually working out right, that’s the beauty of it. You can absolutely incorporate this into your hen’s day outfit. If your hen wants to run through a paintball field having the time of her life, grab some cute pastel yoga pants, or those comfy AF shorts you own, a lightweight top, or a sports crop top and pair it with some trendy sneakers.

You may even want to consider these outdoor hens as the perfect opportunity to coordinate a dress up theme. What's better than an army of besties dressed in camo?!

Woohoo! Let's Get Styling!

We hope our Day Time Hens Fashion Ideas and Inspiration has provided guidance to find the perfect hens outfits for your besties celebration!

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