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11 Hens Party Ideas For Every Type Of Hen

Planning your best friends hens only happens once in your life, so you’ve got to get it right! There's so much excitement, so many happy tears … and then it dawns on you that you’ve actually got some serious planning to do. You need to find a way to give your bride-to-be the send off she deserves, keep the in-laws happy, juggle 15 different dietary requirements and somehow come up with the kind of event that proves that no one knows your hen like you do! Don't worry - we have put together a list of 11 hens ideas for every type of hen to help you find your perfect kind of hens celebration!

1. Cocktail Making Class

Who doesn’t love a cocktail or 3 on a night out with the gals! (AKA ‘the perfect excuse to post 13 boomerangs to your insta-story that no one asked for’). If your hen loves her cocktails, why not indulge her in her very own cocktail making class surrounded by her closest gals. With your own personal bar tender to take you through a wonderful hands on cocktail making spectacular, you and the gals will shake, sip and laugh the day away. Not to mention the bragging rights at your next dinner party! *presents a biscuit rimmed salted caramel espresso martini topped with freshly roasted coffee beans* "Oh this? This is just a little something I whipped up a second ago”.

2. Private Yacht Cruise
Nothing says ‘this is a damn important moment of my life’ quite like a privately chartered yacht cruise. Picture your hen, wind in her hair wine in her hand, your perfectly curated hens Spotify playlist pumping – step aside everyone, it is time for you to accept worlds best bridesmaid award. Aside from the luxuriousness of the yacht itself, the best thing about a private cruise is that it can take on whatever vibe you want for a hens celebration! The type of food, drink, decorations, games … or even a little eye candy. You can have it all aboard a private vessel, it’s yours for the evening. Let the party begin!

3. Flower Crown Workshop

If you're wanting a classic girly hens experience, you're looking at it! You're spending the afternoon with your gals, surrounded by gorgeous fresh flowers making your own custom designed flower crowns, all of the girls are getting creative, chatting and laughing throughout their fun experience ..and don't think I've forgotten the photo opportunities. *gasps* I would never. Flower Crown Workshops offer the perfect touch of class so that everyone can attend! Invite nan, invite your super conservative distant aunt that the family insist on inviting, invite everyone! Flower Crown Workshops are filed securely under 'crowd pleasers' because there's just no other way to describe them.

4. Day Spa Pamper Session

I know they say money can’t buy happiness, but if you’ve got enough of it, it can buy you massages and facials, and is there really anything more deluxe than that? *crickets chirping* If you’ve got a hen who looooves to be pampered, can you really go past a Luxury Hens Day Spa Experience? You’ve got the robes, you’ve got the fluffy towels, you’ve got the lightly sparkling infused water and herbal tea that you will politely move aside in order to pour yourself a champers, and of course those much needed deep relaxation treatments that your body has been subliminally begging you for for 6 months.

5. Life Drawing

There’s just something so magical about life drawing hens parties – they take the act of staring at a gorgeous (and very naked) man – and somehow make it totally acceptable with hubby. Yep  - that can only be classified as MAGIC. Now gather round ladies, I am about to tell you about this cheeky and hilarious hens idea that we call ‘life drawing’. It’s quirky, it’s different, and if your hen loves a little bit of cheek, it’s the experience she never knew she needed in her life. Put your drawing skills to the test (and if your skills are anything like mine, I can confirm stick figures are acceptable) This is a wicked experience full of of not only art, but fun filled games and a whole lotta eye candy. Winning.

6. Treasure Hunt

When you're on the hunt for the perfect hens idea for your fun loving hen, a Treasure hunt or 'Scavenger Hunt' is a perfect day time activity for a bit of bonding and a lot of laughs before the night really kicks into party mode. You're looking at a unique experience, that will lead you around town deciphering clues, completing cheeky challenges and taking hilarious photos that you will look back on and think 'I wish I had an excuse to stand in a shop window pretending to be a mannequin again' but alas - you probably won't. On a treasure hunt the good times just keep rolling - and before I continue, I know you might be thinking 'That. Sounds. Like. Cardio.' Rest assured this isn't the Amazing Race. You ladies have plenty of time to celebrate with a cocktail or three along the way, and it all ends with a glass of bubbles and an award ceremony! Let the games begin.

7. Winery Tour Ok seriously, wine is a pretty good reason to do anything tbh - but there’s so much more to a winery tour than that! We’re talking your own privately chauffeured mini bus, your own private guide for the day, multiple winery stops to experience the best of what the region has to offer, a delicious luncheon amid the beautiful scenery, and the most important part of course - the tasting of the wine.

8. High Tea

Every time I think about high tea, the voice in my head all of a sudden develops a posh English accent, and I get an insatiable appetite for macarons. High teas are Just. So. Fabulous! Suitable for both your girlfriends AND your mother-in-law, this delicious hens party idea is a true crowd pleaser. Enjoy an array of sweet treats from macarons, delicious cake and adorable little ribbon sandwiches to freshly baked scones served with double cream and fresh berry jam - and all of the tea your heart desires!

9. Dance Workshop

If you’re convinced that a new frequency is invented every singly time your hen happens to be in the room and a Beyonce song comes on, and you have t-minus 4 seconds until you’ll find her twerking on the nearest object ... take this as your sign that she needs a dance workshop in her life, and what better occasion to give it to her than on her hens! Let your hair down dance the night away, with whatever genre she loves most! Burlesque, Pole, Bollywood, Belly Dancing, Twerking? Sure, maybe it won’t be benefit her during the first dance, but it sure is a hell of a lot of fun...and girls just wanna have fun, hun!

10. Magic Man Candy Show
Raise your hand if you have watched magic mike too many times to count on both hands…yep! Guilty as charged. For the gals who want that traditional, cheeky hens with a little bit (ok, a lot) of eye candy – this one goes out to you! 
I mean who doesn’t want to be surrounded by gorgeous statuesque men on a hens? Indulge your bride-to-be in a whirlwind of abs by treating her to a magic man show. Mingle with the topless waiters, involve them in your cheeky hens games, have them pose for precisely 1 billion photos with you girls, and get prepared ladies as this is all just pre-show entertainment! As the man candy show commences, an array of smoke machines, cheeky routines, and amazing choreography will give your hen a night to remember!

11. Tarot Reading

Your bride-to-be is about to start the next chapter in her life so why not surprise her with a mystical tarot reading hens celebration! Take a glimpse into your future during this unique and eclectic hens idea for our girls who love all things wicked and mystical. The perfect conversation-starter for hens in the group who don’t quite know one another yet too!

No idea is too creative or too crazy for us here at My Ultimate Hens! Why not mix and match some of the ideas above to create the ultimate hens send off for your bride to be! Give us a call on 1300 339 734 if you have the perfect Hens Night Idea in mind, and would like us to bring it to life for you - that’s what we’re here for! The 11 Hens Celebration Ideas listed above have been hand picked by the My Ultimate Hens Team because they are some of our absolute favourites but don’t be fooled, we have SO many more Hens Package Ideas to choose from! Feel free to get in contact with us on 1300339734 or via the contact us section at the top of this website page. We can’t wait to hear from you – clink clink!

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