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5 Things The Movie Bridesmaids Taught Us!

1.     Being Maid of Honour is stressful AF  
Being crowned maid of honour by your long-time bestie is an amazing feeling and getting to help her through the most exciting time of her life is such a privilege! What they don’t tell you is how much work, stress and usually tears go into fulfilling the role. Suddenly, with no experience or desire to be; you’re an event planner in every sense of the term; trying to round up a group of ladies whom some of you’ve never met, spending hours Googling 'best hens party ideas', trying meticulously to please everyone whilst trying to remember if Aunt Carol is Vegan or paleo this week or if you booked enough seats at the dinner party. Next thing you know you’re on a plane to Vegas when you know that’s NOT what your hen would want – thanks a lot Helen. Ahhh if only Annie had My Ultimate hens… she never would have ripped apart the giant cookie at Lilian’s Parisian brunch themed hen’s party.  

2.     Don’t eat street meat before a bridal fitting
This one sounds obvious. We know. But hey – you never know when hunger will strike and when the sweet smells of rotisserie meats will draw you in. But please for the love of god re-think your actions before making that kind of commitment to a suss looking street-kebab, moments before your dress fitting with the girls. Wedding/bridesmaids dresses looks amazing in 99% of situations… the 1% is when you’re shitting in the street.  

3.     Fighting for your bride’s attention is not a good look
Remember the cringe-worthy scene at Lillian’s engagement party with the long-winded speeches? Where Annie and Helen are fighting for the mic, taking turns to prove how much closer they are with Lillian? Moral of the story – let the other girls have their moment. At the end of the day, you wouldn’t be a part of the wedding if she doesn’t already love your guts, so you’ve got nothing to fight for! And you never know, if you give it a try maybe you’ll end up really liking her new perfectly manicured ‘bestie’ who already seems to have inside jokes with the hen (when they’ve known each other for like a month)… Okay we said MAYBE. But seriously, put on a dazzling smile and suck it up for the sake of your bestie – you can scream into a pillow later. "Keep smilin', keep shinin'..."

4.     You do NOT need dental work.
If you’re ever seeing a guy that tells you that you need dental work – RUN. THE HELL. AWAY. Not letting you stay the night, booty calling you at 2am and refusing to be your date to your bestie's wedding are mega warning signs. Delete his number and never speak of him again. This also means you can flirt with the topless waiter at the hen’s night and hook up with your bestie's hot uncle at the wedding. Maybe just check with her first.
5.     It’s always better to recruit help
Save yourself from becoming the Maid of Dishonour by not being afraid to recruit some proper hens party help. At My Ultimate Hens, we have helped so many ladies be the best MOH they can possibly be and steer them in the right direction to Hens party success! We provide creative hens ideas, fun hens experiences, classy hens options and personalised experiences for your bride to be so that you don’t end up like Annie, sitting on her couch sulking because Lilian kicked her out of the wedding for trashing the bridal shower. "You know what, that reminds me -  I haven't had a chance to try that F*CKING cookie".

Don't be like Annie. Be the Maid of Honour who clicks our home page, scrolls our epic packages, gets super freaking excited, calls everyone squealing about the amazing options, then clicks that sexy looking 'contact me button' and waits for all her MOH troubles to disappear. Less time hens planning, more time stalking her hot uncle on social media. Give us a call on 1300 339 734.

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