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Hens Night Dancing – a MUST do.

For the girls who tear up the D-floor every time they go out, make especially loud squeals whenever ‘crazy in love’ comes on and know every single move to Justin Bieber’s ‘Sorry’ music video… you have come to the right place. Step into the world of Hens Party Dance Workshops, where you will laugh til you’re in stiches, see another side of your hen’s conservative mother and will probably pick up some great moves whilst you’re at it. So, put on your booty shorts, a sexy burlesque corset or blindingly bright aerobic gear and in the wise words of Olivia Newton-John, let’s get physical!

Burlesque Hens Night Dance Workshop

I, just like every other twenty-something year old became utterly obsessed with burlesque the minute the Movie came out with Christina Aguilera and Cher. I had a chair in the loungeroom, positioned in front of the TV as I got a leg up, shook my booty and tried to copy the brilliant, sexy moves that burlesque is all about. It is a dance style that makes you feel confident, powerful and just all-round womanly. As a hen’s party dance workshop style, burlesque is certainly the most popular – such a fun and girly way to celebrate your dancing queen of a Hen and give her a couple of cheeky moves to take to the honeymoon. And you on your next Tinder Hook-up. You’re welcome.

Twerking Hens Night Dance Workshop

Now, you’re all in for a bloody good belly laugh with this one. Twerking went viral in 2011 when Miley popped her booty at the VMA’s in ways we’d never seen. If you’ve never heard of it… wait that really can’t be possible because if you are reading this, you obviously can work a phone or computer… and if you can do that, the term twerking can’t have escaped you. Our Hen’s Night Twerking Lessons are hilarious, and the perfect ice-breaker… even nanna will enjoy having a try! It is all about shakin’ what your mama gave you and doing so to some epic songs. The worse you are, the funnier the whole experience is – and seeing the hens mum let loose will make your day. 

Beyoncé Style Hens Night Dance Workshop

Calling all my Queen B fans… Our Hens Night Beyoncé Dance Classes are high energy, bootylicious, and will have you feeling like the queen herself. Our incredible Hens Night Dance Hostess will teach you some of Beyoncé’s signature moves, in a routine guaranteed to have you feeling a whole lot more confident and radiating girl power. As Beyoncé has been such an icon for so many women for many years, this is a class that will call out to all ages – so invite the mother in Law, invite Grandma and let’s get in formation…

80’s Aerobics Hens Night Dance Workshop

Mainly just an excuse to dress in fluoro lycra, sweat bands and leg warmers whilst thrusting and gyrating to Aerobics perfection – just like in the 80’s.  The moves are hilarious, the music is iconic, and the nostalgia is so very real. Channel your inner Olivia Newton John with your hen and her best ladies, for a fun and energetic Hens Dance workshop! Nan and mum would remember the 80’s the best and will get a real kick out of chucking on the old gear (they probably kept it all, let’s be honest) for an evening of laughter with the bride to be!

Belly Dancing Hens Night Dance Workshop

Belly dancing still lives on as being one of the coolest dance styles to learn on a hen’s night dancing experience. A modern take on an old classic, as you ladies will learn all the intricate hip movements, body rolls and shimmy’s that look a lot easier than they are… but hey, all the fun is in a challenge, right? Such a mesmerising style of dance that is perfect for a unique hens night dance party!

Our hens night dance workshops are such a fun and unique activity that is guaranteed to break the ice, have all the girls in fits of laughter and bonding harder than you could have ever expected. Didn’t see your hen’s fave style in the list? We can do things like hens night Salsa class, African fusion, Street style hip hop, Sexy lap dance and so much more. For the maid of honour that isn’t sure it will be suitable for the age of some in the group – let me assure you that our Hens nights Dance classes are so inclusive of all ages and all dancing ability! Even grandma in the wheelchair will be able to get involved with our talented hen’s night dance instructors tailoring the class to suit! Even if you are the most uncoordinated person ever – it is all a bit of fun, exuding confidence and giving it a go and those of all dancing capabilities will get something out of it.

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