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Hens Party Games

A hens party isn’t going to be complete without the incorporation of some hens party games, and do we have the list for you! Whether it’s drinking games to get everyone ready for a crazy night ahead, or some games to play in your luxurious hotel room with your favourite girls, there is a world of incredible party games to get involved with. 

In this blog, we’re going to list some of our favourite hens games, giving you and your girls the ultimate choice of exciting, cheeky, and hilarious entertainment. 

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The Best Hens Party Games

Hens Night Drinking Games

Drunk Jenga
As if Jenga isn’t challenging enough – adding a boozy twist makes it that much more difficult (and even more fun). For these hens night games, you must ensure you have a sharpie beforehand, because the first thing you need to do is write games/dares/truths/rules on every block before stacking them. During the game, if an individual successfully removes a block, they must do what the block says or take a drink. However, if the tower ends up falling, the culprit must completely finish their entire drink. 

Pink Gin Pong
If you have access to a long table, Gin Pong is the perfect game to play. Split the hens party into two teams and ensure there is enough distance between your cups and your opponents cups (make sure there are an equal number of cups at each end). Fill the cups with gin and tonic, as much or as little as you like, and the game is ready to begin. The aim? Trying to get your ping pong ball to land in one of the opposing cups. Each cup your ping pong ball lands in, the opposing team needs to drink, and then remove that cup. 

Hens Night DIY Games

Play-Doh Pictionary
For more of a naughty but hilarious game, you’re going to need a pack of play-doh. Split your hens party into two teams with each having a good enough amount of play-doh for shaping. One member from each team will need to volunteer as the Picasso and will be shown a piece of paper with an object written on it. These two individuals then have one minute to make the object out of the play-doh, and the opposing team needs to guess what they are! 

Fact or Fiction
If you get some time with the bride-to-be, or you know enough about her already, write down around 10 statements about her and her life for these hens night games. The aim is to make half of these statements TRUE and half of these statements FALSE, and it’s up to the entire hens party to guess which ones are fact and which ones are fiction. This game has the ability to be amended however you want, with differing rules and outcomes based on how extra you want it to be!

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Book the Hens Party of a Lifetime with My Ultimate Hens!

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