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How To Capture The Perfect Hens Pictures

Looking for the perfect way to capture your besties hens? Nail that boomerang? Filter that flower crown?

We hear you!

A hens party is the perfect opportunity to capture some truly beautiful memories with your hen and her bride tribe – so we asked Mary from Smile Darling Photography to give us her tips for all things photogenic! Here are her top tips for ensuring that your bride has the hens party pics she will love for a lifetime!

The Before & After

It’s all in the timing! One of the most exciting hens party photography trends is the Before & After pic roll! This one is an absolute classic! After you have been pumping those girly tunes and getting ready for the night, have your hen pose her glammed up self in front of a cute background – the balcony of your hotel or a garden wall a super cute choices – to take a series of four photos of the bride doing cute AF poses – she will of course look super beautiful, fresh and ready to party! Now here is the next crucial part…once the heels have been kicked up and the party wraps up, be sure to pull your hen aside just before she collapses into champagne dreams to take the four ‘after’ photos! Have your hen pose wherever she happens to be at the time in four funny photos – the lippy is a little rough round the edges and her hair has it’s party halo on – trust us, the side by side comparison later is as giggle-inducing as it is memorable! As a fun and fabulous way to remember the night, print off each photo in the set of eight, and pop the before pics on the top and the after pics on the bottom – and frame them! This is such a unique and memorable gift to present your hen with a few weeks after you have thrown her the best My Ultimate Hens party of all time – winning!

Candid Rules All

In a world of puppy-dog-nose and bunny-ear filters, highly edited filters and posed pics, it really is true that candid hens night pics make the best memories to look back on. Think of the years to come, when your hen is looking back over her pics from her hens night on her 20th wedding anniversary – what she will want to reminisce on isn’t going to be the hyper posed pics – it’s going to be the snaps of her having a champers, laughing with her best girlfriends. Of her hugging her mum and her besties. Of the setup you created for her or of her with her head thrown back laughing at some hens party shenanigans you have planned. So as well as remembering the classic selfies and filtered pics, make room in your Camera Roll from some sweet candid shots too – your bestie bride to be will thankyou!

Boomerang Central

At Smile Darling Photography and My Ultimate Hens, we love a good boomerang! A hens party is the perfect opp to pull out all the stops to make your Gram Fam envious! There are so many hens party activities that could be involved in your special event for your bestie – so the possibilities really are endless! Some of our faves we have seen recently from our treasured hens party clients include boomerangs of going in for a hug with the hot hot hot topless waiter, the bride popping her flower crown on her head, the bride to be shaking a cocktail, the girls doing a twirl with burlesque feather boa’s and the classic boomerang of clinking champers glasses – so get your boomerang on gals!

Charge Charge Charge

Don’t be that lady! The one who gets the gals at the hens party together for a group pic, only to have your phone battery die – eek! With all of the prep that goes in to the hens night, it is easy to forget the little logistics to make a big difference – so pop that phone on charge so it is ready to get snap happy throughout the whole hens party – click click!

Camera Roll Prep

We’ve all been there – you get all dolled up, ready for a night out, and then once you start to go crazy on the selfies, that dreaded message comes up on your phone – ‘Camera Roll Full’ – eek! Avoid an unfortunate case of Phone Storage Regret all together by prepping your Camera Roll for the night out! Her hens weekend or hens party is going to be one to remember, so don’t be caught out not being able to record as many beautiful photos of your hen and her henettes as possible – our favourite Smile Darling Photography tip for our brides before their hens party or wedding is to sit down in front of your computer – with a glass of bubbly of course – and dedicate a night in the leadup to transferring photos off your device and into a safe storage on your computer or in the cloud – that way you can be as click happy as you want when it comes to the big day – too easy!

No matter how your beautiful bestie bride to be is celebrating her My Ultimate Hens party, be sure to make capturing the memories a priority on the day – having the gals together is such a rare occurrence that your hen will thankyou for taking the time to freeze those memories in time for her to look at with a smile for years to come!

So strike a pose ladies! x

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