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How To Make A Hens Party Special

When it comes to celebrating a memorable hens party, whether you’re planning a night out on the town or a glamourous day out sipping champagne, it’s all about one remarkable woman: the bride-to-be herself!

Recently, Maid Of Honour’s have upped the game – embracing their creativity and breaking free from the traditional hens party mould. We absolutely LOVE all these new ideas because they’re all about celebrating the bride’s unique personality and adding that extra something special to her final fling!

So, we’ve prepared our top 4 personalised hens party ideas! We hope you can use these hens ideas to make your event extraordinary and that little bit more special for your fabulous hen!


1. Bring Along Photos!

Gather those precious snapshots of the bride throughout her life – from those adorable baby photos to her teenage years (no matter how cringe-worthy they might be!). These photos are pure gold and can be used to decorate your space! You can string them up with some twine and pink pegs, arrange them on the wall in a shape of a heart, or even attach them to the bottom of balloons!

Even better, include photos of the bride with each member of the bride squad – whether they’re attending the hens party or not! It’s such a touching gesture that’ll remind her of the incredible journey – and the special people she has by her side!

2. Personalised Cookies

Personalised cookies are the secret ingredient that makes your hens party celebration that bit more special! Not only are they absolutely delicious, but they also scream “Instagram-worthy” because they are SO cute! The best part? You don’t have to be a baking pro to make this happen! There’s a treasure trove of local bakers who specialise in crafting these personalised cookies, cupcakes, and cakes!

3. Hens Party Theme

While the classic pink dress code is a timeless choice that works for almost all, why not step out of trend! Here’s our pro tip: tie your theme to the bride’s heartstrings. If she’s all about sunshine yellow or dripping in gold, challenge your bride squad to incorporate these hues into their outfits, accessories, or even makeup. Or how about a whimsical flower headpiece theme for your flower-loving friend? It’s the ultimate way to show some theme dedication – and make your hen feel totally special!

4. Her Own Hashtag!

Now, for all you Instagram queens out there, here’s an absolute must-do: create a unique hashtag that’s tailor-made for your bride-to-be! A play on her soon-to-be last name, or something specific to your theme like #MelsLastRodeo is the perfect way to personalise your night out!


Picture this: a day filled with incredible surprises that will make your hen feel like an absolute queen surrounded by her favourite girls! We have 6 of our favourite hens party activities that will leave your bride-to-be feeling spoiled rotten on her final fling before the ring! My Ultimate Hens have a treasure trove of hens activities and packages that are nothing short of extraordinary!

1. Surprise Limousine Cruise

You and the hens closest friends have just enjoyed a divine dinner party, and are ready for the fun to continue. The excitement builds as you’re wanting for the taxi to take you to the next venue of the night. Then, one of our luxurious stretch limousines arrives to whisk you away on a glamourous cruise through the city! Clink your champagne glasses and play your playlist as you enjoy the nightlights cruise! Our surprise limousine ride isn’t just a ride, it’s an experience that will make your hens party a truly special! Our Sparkling Hens Wine & Dine Perth package features just that – it's the ultimate celebration, where you can bond, and create memories, all while commemorating your bride-to-be in style!

2. Cheeky Stripper Surprise

Get ready for a hens party experience that's hotter than hot – one that's going to make all your bestie's fireman fantasies come to life! Our exclusive Fireman Fantasy package in Melbourne is the ultimate way to kickstart her final fling before the ring. A devilishly cheeky fireman-esque strip show performance will leave your jaws dropping and hearts racing. And the excitement doesn't stop there! After this, you'll hop onboard our My Ultimate Hens party bus cruise, ready to embark on an journey through the city. With free-flowing drinks and a delectable dinner party to top it all off, you'll be celebrating the bride-to-be in true style!

3. Party Bus Cruise

Imagine the sheer excitement and surprise as your bride-to-be thinks she’s just waiting for an Uber when bam, one of our party buses arrives to whisk you all away on a cruise through the city! With music pumping, BYO drinks flowing, and laughter in the air, our party bus is the perfect way to make your hen feel spoiled! Our It’s Getting Hot In Here package in Brisbane, has a party bus cruise where the fun continues with a sensational male revue show! It’s the ultimate celebration!

4. Drag Queen

Add some glitter and a dash of fabulousness and make your hens party absolutely amazing! You and the besties are relaxing and getting ready in your own bachelorette pad, when one of our glamourous, bedazzled, and totally hilarious drag queens makes a surprise entrance! The room will come alive with laughter and joy as she stuns you with her performance and plays some hens party games with you! But that's not all—our exclusive Dragalicious Hens Weekend Sydney package ensures the fun never stops. With inner-city accommodation, a scrumptious dinner, and the unforgettable drag queen show, your celebration is sure to be an absolute blast.

5. Topless Waiter

Does your hen want the classic hens party eye candy included in her final fling? In our Paint, Sip & Perve package in Adelaide, you and the girls will enjoy our fun paint and sip soiree to unleash your inner artist. Then imagine the surprise on your bride-to-be’s face when, out of nowhere, a hunky and charismatic topless waiter makes his surprise entrance! With his chiselled physique and charming personality, he's there to ensure your night is filled with laughter, fun, and plenty of eye candy!

6. Surprise Yacht Cruise

Ladies, get ready to embark on the ultimate adventure for your bride-to-be! Imagine the thrill and excitement as you and your closest girlfriend’s step aboard our The Last Sail Before the Veil yacht cruise along the stunning Gold Coast. The salty sea breeze, glasses raised high, and laughter filling the air as you set sail on your own private hens yacht cruise. It's the perfect way to celebrate your bride's final fling before the ring – and the perfect way to ensure she feels totally special!

Crafting the perfect hens party is all about making it as unique and memorable as the bride herself. Whether you're opting for a dreamy drag queen performance, a sizzling topless waiter, or a delightful party bus cruise, the key is to cherish this special time together.

Why not get creative and mix and match some of the fantastic ideas we've shared above to craft the ultimate hens celebration tailored just for her? Whether you have a brilliant hens night idea already brewing in your mind or you're looking for a little inspiration, give us a call at 1300 339 734, and we'll work our magic to bring your vision to life. That's what we're here for – turning your hens party dreams into reality!

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