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How To Plan The Perfect Hens Winery Tour!

What better excuse than a hens day to kick up those heels and drink lots of wine in the sunshine! A private winery tour experience is often something that so many of us want to get around to doing, but can never quite find the time – well, now you have the perfect reason to get the gals together and celebrate all things vino! Our My Ultimate Hens Winery Tour options are oh-so-popular – and when planning your besties hens it’s important to note that not all winery tours were created equal! Read on for pro tips and tricks that you never even knew you needed, and prep to pull off the perfect winery tour day for your hen and her henettes!

Chauffeur Driven Perfection

The best part about organising a private hens winery tour? No one has to be the designated driver – winning! We can’t tell you what a difference this makes – having heard countless stories of groups who decided to rent a bus and do it themselves, with one of the pregnant guests – or even sometimes the hens dad – roped in to drive the bus all day – yawn! Firstly, the hen really isn’t going to be able to let her hair down and have a few (and a few more) vino’s if she knows that her dad is going to be there – not that dad’s aren’t cool – they just aren’t ‘posing with a bottle of rosé whilst holding your tiara and screaming I'M GETTING MARRIED!!!' kind of cool. Opting for a professional driver will mean that everyone – even those who do only want a few wines through to those who want to completely make the most of it – will feel comfortable and like VIP’s getting chauffeured around for the day. Not to mention, having a hens winery tour driver means having someone on board who can recommend the best place to stop along the way for a selfie overlooking the vineyards and can help recommend somewhere that isn't a detour when Aunty Karen needs an unexpected loo stop along the way – so much win!

The Tour Bus Line…

Oh so many times have we been asked to save a poor maid of honour who has mistakenly booked what seemed like a cheap and cheerful hens winery tour, only to realise that it a bus and a driver literally driving you around to the public car parks of a selection of wineries, and waiting in the bus on his phone whilst your group are left to yourselves to disembark and join the public cellar door queues – because everyone wants to be stuck behind 75 tourists with their selfie sticks and their bumbling foreign guide and hear about wine in shoved groups of 30 people, right? Wrong! This is your hens one and only hens party and she deserves the best. With all of our My Ultimate Hens winery tour options, and with any company you are looking at booking with, it is imperative that you check that you are actually going on a winery tour – that is, you are pre-booked into VIP tastings at each of the wineries you are going to during the day – that the wineries are not only expecting your group, but are prepared with a VIP tasting space and a private wine connoisseur to take you through an expert tasting, are ready to make sure the hen gets lots of special attention and so all that your group needs to do is to enjoy tasting lots of bubbles, reds, whites and rosé's – without some random members of the public trying to bustle their way in or ask thousands of boring questions – remember, not all hens winery tour options were created equal, so it really pays to do your research!

"And to the left, we have the third historical hay bale shed we have seen today – let’s pull over whilst we all read the plaque…"

Yeah, no. This is why making sure the company you book your hens winery tour with is actually providing you with a tour that is designed for hens! Let’s say it louder for those in the back – the package you book for your hens winery tour needs to be Designed. For. Hens! There are so many winery tour companies out there, and tbh their primary source of work are foreign groups and corporate tours. What you want to avoid is having your unassuming hens group join a company like this for a hens winery tour, only to discover that this is your run of the mill ‘informative’ winery tour, all about the regions history, stops that revolve around museums or historical sights, giving you extra time in the itinerary for the day to investigate local information centres or learn about something that quite frankly, you are not in the mood to hear about! You are here to celebrate with your hen, learn some fun tidbits about wine on the day, and honestly, just enjoy lots of delicious wine, VIP treatment, sunshine, great food and even better company! An amazing winery tour company will ensure that your package is tailored specifically for hens, and not that your hens group just gets fitted into the mould of what every other tour wants. Hens are super important, and have really specific requirements of what you want out of the day – so own it! Do your research and make sure that the tour company really has your hens best interest at heart. Here at My Ultimate Hens we absolutely pride ourselves on the fact that we live and breathe hens nights – it is literally what we do. Our hens winery tour packages and specifically designed for hens parties and to make the most of you, your bestie and the lucky girls invited having a truly memorable and beautiful day out drinking wine! We are here to make sure that your hen feels celebrated, and we believe that a hens winery tour package should be a real sense of occasion for your hens special final fling before the ring!

Would you like fries with that?

You know that old saying ‘If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is…’ – this is absolutely fitting when it comes to hens winery tour packages. Unfortunately there are some companies out there who hire a bus, advertise a hens winery tour day and then only drive you to the wineries where they know you will be pressure-sold into buying as much wine as possible, so the sneaky tour operator can take a huge kickback of the profits. The result is that you suddenly find yourself in some Tupperware party style nightmare, where you all feel obligated to buy wine and that the whole point of being there is only to fork over a bunch of cash at each stop. That is where My Ultimate Hens, and any tour operator you are researching, should be able to show you that they actually pay part of your per head price onto the winery in advance of the tour – so that the winery are already benefiting from your group being there, regardless of if anyone buys a bottle. This creates an entirely different vibe on the day – instead of the hard sell, you get time with winemakers who truly love to share their passion, and whose business have already benefited from your group arriving to their vineyard. We hand source each and every one of the wineries on our tour to ensure we are offering boutique choices, and wineries that we can support with part of the ticket price rather than through purchases on the day. If you love one of the drops you taste and want to pick up a bottle – perfect, it’s a fab opportunity to do so. My Ultimate Hens does not get a kickback from any of the winery stops along the way, so all we have an interest in is making sure that your hen and your hens group have an incredible time. Honestly, check with the tour company you are considering (hint: My Ultimate Hens is the best!) as this makes such a difference to your overall experience and as this is your besties one hens night, we need to make sure she is getting the hens winery tour package she deserves!

Well that is about it for the tips and tricks from us – with all of that wine talk it's almost time that us ourselves clocked off and went to have a vino or two! We are here to help make your hens winery tour goals a reality, so feel free to get in contact with us on 1300339734 or via the contact us section at the top of this website page. We can’t wait to hear from you – clink clink!

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