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Ideas for a Foodie Hen!

Some hens parties are all about the super-hot male entertainers, some are all about getting down and dirty on the dance floor with your best gal pals and some are about giving grandma the chance to bond with the hen’s friends over a classy flower crown workshop! Although I absolutely love all these ideas, I know that if it were MY hens, I’d want it to be all about the FOOD. If you have made it to this fabulous blog, then it’s a safe bet that your hen is just as much a foodie as I am. So, rest assured that with the following foodie hens party ideas, she is in very safe hands.

The Wine Foodie
Majority of foodies also love wine. It’s a fact. So what better hens party celebration than a winery tour? Our hens day winery tours are a bit more than just your usual sip and discuss though – they all include a beautiful winery luncheon or even a high tea if you prefer! We also have hens winery tours that include chocolate, cheese and fudge tasting too, so perhaps picking one with those little extra foodie elements in it would be best for her!

The ‘Give Me All The Food You Have’ Foodie
I do find myself falling into most of these foodie hens party categories, but if there was one that felt the most relatable… this is it. It’s all about going hard or going home, and we ain’t going home. The best way to satisfy your hen’s foodie desires is by wining and dining her three-course style. We have so many classy hens night restaurants across Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney and Perth that offer the most incredible three course experiences (also known to non-foodies as a ‘meal’) that go above and beyond for our hens groups!

The Cocktail Foodie
Hens Night Cocktails and food go hand in hand. There’s nothing better than washing down your Mushroom and Truffle Risotto with a freshly shaken Pina Colada… or your Prosciutto, rosemary and potato pizza with an espresso martini... or your juicy pork dumplings with a Margherita… or just about any damn meal because food and cocktails together are a combination from the heavens. If she is just as obsessed with her cocktails, she needs a hens night cocktail making masterclass with some exquisite canapés to match! And if she is more ‘you make it and I’ll drink it’, try a hens night dinner party with cocktail jugs on arrival or an extra AF cocktail list with things like ‘Toblerone Cheesecake Crumble Martini’! Yep – it exists, and it is INCRED.

The Instagram foodie
You know the ones - no one can eat until they have gotten forty photos of the spread, until they have stood on their chair to get the perfect birds eye view shot and until the perfect boomerang of all the gals clinking their glasses has been achieved. I’m certainly not judging… I am 100% guilty as charged of taking a photo of EVERY meal I eat. If this immediately made you think of your hen – I have some fab suggestions for you. Grazing platters are the absolute rage right now, and I’m confident you would have seen a million different varieties on the gram. Basically, it is just a beautifully crafted food spread – with breads, dips, fruits, chocolate, biscuits, pretty much anything you like! It is aesthetically pleasing and equally as delicious! Another fab idea for your insta-obsessed bestie is a stunning hens high tea! The three-tiered platters, the adorable little sandwiches, and the perfectly decorated desserts… it is just waiting to be photographed. Oh, and devoured.

Hopefully this exciting little list (which has made me STARVING just thinking about all the food) helps you to create the most wonderful Hens food experience for your deserving bride-to-be! We have so many packages that include each of these elements – but of course if you are needing something a little more specialised and a little more specific, let us know and we can mix, match, customise and create from scratch. Start by calling us on 1300 339 734, and we can talk all things FOOD. And then also maybe discuss the hens party. Teehee.

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