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Our Top 5 Reasons Why Perth Winery Tours Are an Amazing Hens Party Idea!

If you’re in the process of trying to find the perfect Perth hens party idea for your bestie, a luxury My Ultimate Hens winery tour is an option you can’t go past! We’ve put together our top 5 reasons to love Perth Winery Tours for yours hens (and trust us – it was hard to narrow it down to just 5!) so grab a glass of vino and prepare to fall in love with our Swan Valley hens party winery tours!

5 Reasons Why Perth Winery Tours Make for a Great Hens Party

Luxurious, exclusive & all inclusive Perth hens party idea:
Your brides final fling is a day that she will remember forever, so don’t fall into the trap of accidentally booking a "winery tour” that is actually just a public bus dropping you to the car park of a selection of wineries where you’re left to line up in queues and pay your own way through each tasting. We know that’s not the VIP treatment your girl deserves, which is exactly why My Ultimate Hens have dedicated so much time to ensure that our luxury hens winery tours are the full VIP, all inclusive experience! We pick you up from your choice of destination and whisk you away in your own private vehicle for a full day in the stunning Swan Valley Region. We pre-book your full experience to ensure that you visit an array gorgeous and highly sought after wineries and have our wonderful winery staff waiting at each of them to welcome you into your own private and exclusive tastings. And tasting fees? What tasting fees? Our tour is inclusive of tastings at each winery – so raise a glass to your beautiful hen whilst indulging in a range of delicious drops. Of course, we also arrange a darling alfresco luncheon for your group as well!

Vino, Vino & More Vino:
With 4 incredible winery stops throughout our My Ultimate Hens winery tour, you’ll truly experience the best of what the Swan Valley region has to offer! From sweet red wines, to toasty chardonnays and sweet fortified delights there will be something for everyone! Our top picks are the sweet red with a nose of dark cherries and a hint of mint, and the Chardonnay featuring a smooth combination of stone fruit and marmalade flavours with a soft woody finish. Lucky you get to try them all and decide for yourselves during your private tastings! Forget queuing with the rest of the tourists, you are My Ultimate Hens VIP’s so naturally you’re treated like queens! What’s more? As our tour is all inclusive, the only time you’ll need your purse on this girls day out is if you fall in love with a wine (or 6 if you’re anything like us!) that you want to take home with you! There’s no pressure to purchase anything on the day, so if sampling the wines is enough for you – that’s perfect too! Bask in the glory of a day out with the girls with no er…underwhelming surprises.

Vitamin D is good for hens:
That’s our roundabout way of saying "how amazing is celebrating in the fresh air & sunshine!” As Perth girls, we live in one of the most spectacular places on earth and the Swan Valley is no exception! There’s nothing quite like being surrounded with your best girls with the wind in your hair & a wine in your hand breathing in the beautiful outdoors fresh air. Clink clink ladies! Our hens winery tours offer stunning views of the rolling hills & sprawling vineyards – so make sure you’ve got plenty of space on your camera roll and strike a pose with those beautiful backdrops nature has provided for you (we would love to claim that we organised it, but this one we’ve gotta give to mother nature) Just imagine your bride to be looking back on so many beautiful photos from her Perth Hens Party. Perfection!

Privately Chauffeured Hens Transport for your group only:
What could be better than your own private transport whisking you & your girls to each beautiful winery. Cruise to each winery in our beautiful buses or splash out and book our luxurious limousines for your full tour instead! Nothing beats the buzz of excitement as you wait outside your pick up point, all dolled up & ready for a full day of celebration, wine & laughs. Plus, who wants to be designated driver when you’ve got so many wonderful included tastings ahead of you? Exclusivity is the My Ultimate Hens trademark, so forget joining a shuttlebus of strangers and awkwardly driving along in silence because no one knows one another. This is your girls final fling, so enjoy the ride as the scenery passes by and gossip the whole way there because this private tour is all yours ladies!

Location, location, location:
Located less than 40 minutes out of Perth’s CBD, Swan Valley is the perfect way to feel a million miles away from the hustle and bustle of the city without actually being a million miles away from the CBD. This means less time travelling, and more time sipping wine with your best girls and when it’s time to head home, you’ve still got plenty of time (and energy) up your sleeve to continue showering your hen in celebration just as she deserves. Just ask us about our hens dinner parties, and fabulous overnight accommodation to continue the party. We have it all, and we’re here to ensure your bestie has the beautiful wine filled Perth hens party she deserves!

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