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The Ultimate List of Hens Night Games!

No hens party is complete without a bunch of hilarious games, guaranteed to have you bonding, laughing, getting progressively intoxicated and possibly weeing yourself. Seriously, some of these are wee-worthy funny… the My Ultimate Hens HQ gals have tested it. So, jot down your faves, and have them ready to go for your bestie’s hens! Along with some adult diapers just in case.

Prosecco Pong
The classic, done classy; It’s Australia’s beloved ‘beer pong’ but with a little hen’s party pizazz. Grab yourself some plastic (I repeat, PLASTIC) prosecco glasses! Fill ‘em up with a bottle of the hens fave bubbly and have a table and ping pong balls at the ready. Split into two teams and take turns aiming the ping pong balls into the other team’s glasses! If it lands in – they drink up. A quick way to get the gals’ competitive juices flowing and an even quicker way to get drunk.

Undercover Garter
It’s time to get a little stealthy with this one. Let all the ladies know at the beginning of the evening, that you’ll be passing someone a garter on the sly, and the aim of the game is to sneakily slip it into the possession of another girl, without her noticing. Tuck it into her skirt, drop it into her bag… whatever you need to do, but the goal is to know you have it and make sure you get rid of it undetected! At the end of the night, the person with the garter loses – whether they must do four tequila shots in a row, ask the oldest man in the bar for his number or post a hideously embarrassing Facebook status as punishment is up to you.

Would She Rather
A classic quiz is always a great hens party option! When personalising one yourself, it can be as classy or as crude as you wish depending on your audience (sorry Grandma! We choose crude). Think of a prize for most correct answers, hand out the pre-made ‘Would She Rather’ quiz, have the gals fill it out, as well as the hen! Some examples: Would she Rather… have a hall pass for Liam Hemsworth or Channing Tatum? Or depending on your hen; Would She Rather… go to work with a dildo strapped to her head for a whole day, or see her in-laws getting it on? (guaranteed laughs with this one). Have the hen read her answers and award a point for each correct ones the girls guess!

Dancing Queen
Pre-prepare a bowl with the names of various songs that you ALWAYS hear on a night out on pieces of paper – We’re talking the Remix to Ignition, Gold digger, Single Ladies… you get the drift. Have each gal pull one out (and maybe 3 for the hen) and that’s their song for the night. Any time it plays, they have to get up and dance in front of everyone for the whole duration of the song – whether you’re at high tea, on a boat cruise… we don’t care. Get up and shake that booty.

Banned Word Game

You can use any kind of ‘token’ for this game, but we find it works super well with pegs. Each girl starts with 5 pegs (pegged to her outfit, bag, whatever works!) and there is a list of 3 or 4 main ‘banned’ words. Use common words that you’d expect to come up in a hen’s party – ‘Wedding’, the grooms name or even the word ‘drink’! If you catch someone saying one of the words, you get to steal one of their pegs! Person with the most pegs at the end of the night is the champ!

Most likely to...
Another total classic. Say some sentences like; Most likely to leave the bedroom a complete pig sty, or Most likely to get hangry AF and take it out on the other, etc! Then everyone votes, whether they think it is the bride or the groom! To make this even funnier, make cut outs, with spaces for the eyes of the bride and grooms face. Tape it to a paddle pop and get the guests to hold it up as their answer. It will have your hen in stitches laughing, and will make for a hilarious hens night pic.

These are just some of our absolute faves, that always have us sore in the cheeks from laughing so hard by the end of the night. At My Ultimate Hens, we want to save you the time and effort it takes to come up with such perfectly hilarious and cheeky hens nights games ideas, so you can spend less time stressing and more time being the best damn Maid of Honour ever. Fun and creative Hens night games ideas are our specialty.... oh and amazing packages in Melbourne, Perth, Gold Coast, Brisbane and Sydney. Just sayin'.

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