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Wave Good-bye to Hens Party Stress!

When I say Maid Of Honour what do you think of? In the early days of being crowned, you would have said ‘thrilled!’ ‘exciting!’ ‘Blessed!’ and plenty of other cliché crap like that. Oh, and don’t get us wrong, being MOH is the best experience ever! But we don’t beat around the bush, and after 10 years in the Hens Night industry, we know how stressful being MOH and organising a Unique Hens Night can truly be! So, go on –tell us how you really feel. Stressed? Frustrated? exhausted? Angry AF and needing a god damn hug and a bottle of wine? We hear you. So, read on if you need a little comfort and guidance – call it meditation.

The first main stress that creeps into your life regarding the hen’s party is the realisation that it isn’t as far away as you thought. One second its yonks away, and what feels like moments later, you’re left with two months to organise a fun hens party experience and not a god damn clue where to begin! Our biggest tip: don’t overthink it. Start by going to the homepage of our Australian Hens Night website:, pick your city, pick your package ‘type’ and start browsing! Don’t encourage all 50+ invited guests to do the same though, otherwise you’ll be bombarded with opinions and hens party ideas that are only going to make decision making a whole lot more stressful. Pick a few of your fave Hens party packages and get a feel for what the options are. Give us hens party planners a call on 1300 339 734 if you need someone to talk you through the options, make some suggestions or make calming whale noises down the phone line to reduce some of that stress.

Now for possibly the most annoying stress that comes along with hens parties… when your invitees all say they are keen as mustard, and next minute you are left with the bill as the girls slowly drop out, one by one as the date approaches. "I have to work!”, "I can’t afford it now”, "I have to take my dog to get it’s nails painted!” – trust us, they will try it all. Our tip? Hold off on paying that deposit for your dream hens night package until you get the money from the girls first. Give them a RSVP date, in which their money needs to have reached your bank account! And make sure you have the payment from the minimum number of ladies required for the package before securing it all. This is the best way to make sure you aren’t getting screwed over by the hens third-cousin Jenny, who no one has actually met… come on jenny – not cool.

And as for the actual hens night itself? You’ll be wondering if everyone is having fun, whether everything is running on time, trying to remember what you organised next and trying to stop the hen’s crazy college friends from dancing on the dining table. Our tip to help with this stress? Well hopefully you booked through My Ultimate hens – which means you will have a thorough itinerary with all the timings, phone numbers, addresses and anything else you could possibly need. All of our brilliant suppliers will be awaiting your arrival at each venue, every little nitty gritty detail will be sorted for you – even the ones you didn’t think of! So keep calm, have a shot of tequila and enjoy this brilliant night that you worked so hard to pull off. You deserve it!

Life is too short to stress over a hen’s party! Let us do the work for you – whether it’s a Sydney Flower Crown Hens Package, a Melbourne Topless waiter Hens Package or a Gold Coast Hens yacht party, we have you covered.

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