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Hens Party Waiter

Hiring a hens party waiter is one of the most popular options in the history of My Ultimate Hens. Why? Where do we begin! Our hunks are not only extremely attractive and charming, but they also bring a certain level of excitement and energy to the party. Not to mention, they can act as the perfect surprise for your unsuspecting bride!

Round up the girls and prepare for a cheeky, fun and oh so memorable send off into her married life!

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Why Choose A Hens Party Waiter?

Hens party topless waiter experiences are a perfect choice if you are wanting a touch of glamour and luxury, as your guests won't have to lift a finger! They are professionally trained and know how to make guests feel special and pampered, from serving food and drink, to posing for fun and silly photos and even getting involved in hens party games with the bride squad!

Another of the many reasons topless waiters are a great choice for a hens party is that they can help to break the ice and get guests mingling with one another! They are great at making conversation, and generating conversation amongst guests as they offer the perfect talking point! They can help guests who may not know one another very well to feel more comfortable and relaxed, or if you have a tight knit group who need no introduction - let the good times roll right on!

The list doesn't end there! Topless waiters are also a great option for those who want to add a bit of spice and excitement to their party without crossing any boundaries - as many brides prefer to keep the man candy above the waist!

If you are looking for truly unforgettable hens party ideas with the perfect balance of cheek, luxury, fun and excitement - our hens party topless waiter services await you!

Hens Party Waiter Games


"Truth or Dare with a Twist" - Add a spicy element to the classic game by incorporating a topless waiter into the dare challenges. Have the bride-to-be and her friends take turns answering truth questions or completing daring tasks!

"Topless Waiter Hunt" - Create a scavenger hunt where the bride-to-be and her friends have to complete tasks and find clues to eventually locate the topless waiter, who will be waiting with a special surprise for the group.

 "Wedding Dress Up" - Have the bride-to-be and her friends dress up the topless waiter in various wedding attire, such as a bride's veil or a groom's tuxedo. The group can then take photos with the "groom" for a fun and memorable keepsake.

Your Bride To Be Deserves The Best


We understand that planning a hens party can be stressful, that's why we specialise in options to suit every bride-to-be's taste and budget.

Booking one of our hens party packages guarantees a night of laughter, good vibes, and lasting memories. You’ll work closely with an experienced bachelorette party planner to create the perfect hens event. From the moment you book with us, you can relax knowing that every detail of the party is taken care of.

We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality of service and entertainment. Our topless waiters are not only attractive but also professional and hilarious too, making all of your guests feel at home - and your hen feel extra special on her big day!

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