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What is our My Ultimate Hens Exclusive ‘Unlimited Seating’ option, and why is it so fabulous?
We have a massive fleet of stunning limos. They are super stretch, super sleek and come kitted out with all the beautiful inclusions you would expect from a luxury limo experience – you can play your own music, enjoy our epic sound system, enjoy the glam fitout, lightshow and inbuilt bar – as well as an included glass of bubbles for each guest, the ability to BYO and the complete VIP treatment of course!

When it comes to working out how many ladies will be coming to the hens night, we know it can get a bit crazy! If you have ever planned a hens before, you will know all too well that what starts off as a guestlist of 25 gals can easily dwindle to 15 or less when it comes time to actually hand over the cash. Then sometimes out of the blue, every RSVP is a yes and far more people than you expected can actually make it, which sees your guest numbers climb right up – there is just no telling. That is where our Unlimited Seating option comes in – and here is why our Bridesmaids love it. 

Let’s say as an example, you were expecting 20 ladies to come to the hens. So you booked 2 x ten seater stretch limos, to pick up all of the gals in a glam convoy. You divide the cost of the 2 limos between 20 ladies and it looks like pretty decent value. Then inevitably, when the final numbers come in, let’s say you now only have 12 ladies. All of a sudden, not only are you left with 2 limos when you could have booked 1 x twelve seater, you also have to now hand over the money for 2 limos and divide the cost between just 12 of you, which looks way less lovely than the great value deal you thought you had originally! The price skyrockets, more people drop out, and to be honest it just becomes a logistical headache which you don’t want to have to deal with.

Same deal if you thought you were going to have 12 gals coming to the hens, so you booked 1 x 12 seater limo – and at the last minute you have a 13th lady who wants to join in – what are you going to do? Tell her she can’t come, and have your hen miss out on having her there? Hand over hundreds and hundreds of dollars for a second limo for this one gal? With My Ultimate Hens, you will never be in this position!

We have considered all of this so you don’t have to – and this is where our Unlimited Seating really is so wonderful for hens organisers. Leave the pesky logistics up to us and let us worry about the details, the fleet numbers, getting more or less limos to your event, or getting you a larger car when you need one. We take care of it all!

When a limo comes as part of a My Ultimate Hens package, we guarantee each guest a seat in a limo privately chauffeured for your group, regardless of how many ladies you end up with. This is our exclusive 'Unlimited Seating' option!

As long as you meet the minimum amount of gals for the package, we will wear the cost (and take the headache away from you) in dealing with changing up, swapping round and adding in extra limos and different sized cars. You will either have one limo fitting you all, or a sweet fleet of luxury limos arrive to travel you to your destination VIP style in convoy. Either way, you never have to worry about logistics again, or your budget totally blowing out if you have more or less ladies than originally planned.

One price that you know in advance, and we facilitate the logistics for you – we will raise a glass to that!