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When Guest Numbers Have Dropped


We have created this resource for the rare instance when our clients find themselves in a really tricky situation - and they contact us to say "I have come in with lower numbers than expected, what now?"

We are so sorry to hear that your numbers have dropped. It can be really hard when people say they are going to come and then somehow when it comes time to make the payment suddenly they are not answering texts or come up with a reason they suddenly can’t make it.

We can also understand how stressful it is when, because of all of those people initially said they were coming, you committed to a minimum number of people and therefore a minimum spend when purchasing your My Ultimate Hens package.

As a hens party agency, we have packages that include various products and services from different vendors, all of which come together to create the package you have purchased with us.

Of course, as every business does, we have our Terms and Conditions and FAQ’s, which are always publicly available on our website and appear on your booking documents and in our booking forms. We have created these options for our customers for the rare instance when they find themselves in a sticky situation regarding their numbers dropping, in order to go above and beyond our Terms and Conditions which only offer one option, that being payment to the value thereof or loss of your deposit. We want to work with you to ensure a fantastic event can still go ahead for the bride to be – as you and us have both worked hard on ensuring this will be the case.

As a small business we want to be there to support our customers as best we can, which is why we have created this resource to help you navigate this tricky position that the members of the group who have dropped out have put you in.

 Your Options:


Option 1: Pay To The Value Thereof


If you want to continue with the package and have it include every element that you expected and booked, you will often need to pay to the value thereof in order to achieve this.

The great news is if you select this option and have guests who can unexpectedly attend after your final payment has been processed, they will already be taken care of! Naturally, if your additional guests exceed the minimum for which you have paid we can look at adding these guests to the event once your final payment has been processed. For more information on this in particular you can check out our Booking FAQs.

If you did want to go ahead with the original package as planned, with all of the same inclusions and are wanting to pay to the value thereof, please email us to let us know you want to choose Option 1 from this list of choices.


Option 2: Have Us Rework The Package For You

Re-working the package is not something we can guarantee to all our clients, however we will always do everything we can to make this happen for you should you select for this option. 

In some instances, we may be able to contact the vendors involved in your booking to try and achieve offer a lower package price without losing any of the inclusions, however there are 3 possible outcomes to re-working your package.

If you would like one of our consultants to look into options, you can fill out the Request for Package Rework here and we can work on this for you.

Once you have submitted this request, please allow our dedicated team time to contact each vendor and go through the inner workings and logistics of your package to be able to come back to you with more information. This process can take time, and we appreciate your patience whilst we try to achieve the best outcome for you in light of your group size changes.

As a small business who genuinely care about our clients know that our team will be working as hard and as fast as possible to come back to you with a price to ensure the event can go ahead for the bride, despite your numbers dropping and not being able to meet the minimum spend originally committed to.


Option 3: Cancel The Event

We really hope this isn’t the case. We love what we do and hope this passion has been shared with you throughout the event planning process. We would love to still spoil the bride to be and ensure the event can go ahead after all of your and our hard work on this special celebration – which is why we have offer the options outlined here in this resource.

If you do elect to cancel your event all together, this decision will result in the loss of your entire deposit with us. This non-refundable deposit policy is made clear to all customers prior to the deposit being charged to secure your event when you booked with us.

To formally request cancellation of your event, this must be done via our Cancellation Request Form.

We hope that the other options outlined here allow you to continue with a fabulous celebration as we truly want to work with you to give your bride-to-be a wonderful send off.



"Why can’t I just pay the same even though I have less numbers?”

When you purchased your My Ultimate Hens package, you were aware of the cost per head and the minimum amount of people that applied, therefore a minimum spend. We are transparent about our Terms and Conditions, and these have been agreed upon in order to book the event.

We have contracts with the suppliers involved in the package you have booked with us, which stipulate the minimum spend that must be met, which have all been taken into consideration when you committed to a minimum amount of people and a cost per head when you booked your event with us.
We understand how frustrating it is that sometimes your guests commit to attending, and then do not follow through. We also understand that life happens. Pets get sick, travel plans change, babysitters cancel etc – however please also understand and acknowledge that this is no fault of My Ultimate Hens, nor the responsibility. The options above, along with our Terms and Conditions are transparent, and submitting a booking request for your event indicates that you have read and understood these Terms and Conditions. We are also transparent in the price per head and the minimum amount of people required when you enquired, booked and paid your non-refundable deposit towards your event with us.
We understand that some circumstances are unfortunate, which is why we have offered the option to re-work your package if necessary, however we must reiterate that personal circumstance does not form part of the booking or agreement with My Ultimate, and we cannot be held liable as a small business for these. We appreciate your understanding that our Terms and Conditions are not negotiable.
As stated above, we want to help! This is why we have provided the options outlined in this resource for the rare instance when our event organisers find themselves in this tricky situation.

"What if the reason I have less numbers is due to the Covid Pandemic?”

Covid is an unpredictable time for all of us. If your numbers have reduced due to the Covid Pandemic, please see our Covid Policy for additional information.

  "But it is not my fault that numbers have dropped!”

We hear you. It is really frustrating that because of all of those people initially said they were coming, you committed to a minimum number of people and therefore a minimum spend when purchasing your My Ultimate Hens package. Now those people have dropped out and it is not your fault. Please understand that it is also not My Ultimate Hens fault that your numbers have dropped and that you can no longer meet the minimum spend you purchased.

  "What are your general Terms and Conditions?"

These can be found here. These are always available on our public website, and also appear on our booking forms and your event documentation.

  "What is your cancellation policy"

You can see this in 'Section 6.Cancellations' in our Terms and Conditions  

   "What are the next steps?"

Please email our small and friendly team at with the option you chose to move forward with, and we will do our best to help with this tricky situation you have found yourself in due to guests dropping out – tell them from us that those guests owe you a bottle of champagne, and we will wait to hear from you so we can get working on your chosen option.
 Know that we will work hard to ensure the best outcome possible for you, as we truly do love hens events and want to ensure the bride to be can have the send off she deserves.
 Note that all requests relating to lowering of guest numbers, or not being able to make the minimum spend committed to on your booking with us, are handled by email only and must be submitted in writing. Please email our team and we will come back to you as soon as we can.