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Here at My Ultimate Hens, we live and breathe hens parties! We have sourced our own exclusive My Ultimate Hens Party Apartments, so that you can rest assured you have come to the right place. We ensure that you have the best hens night accommodation Perth offers for your hens weekend and best of all, we consider all of the pesky logistics - like making sure there is enough living space, what happens if the number of guests planning to come changes from invite stage to celebration day, full size fridges for your BYO drinks, central locations and more! We've done all of this to ensure you can throw your bestie her perfect hens weekend, without getting caught out on a small detail the unravels all of your hard work, or having to worry about getting kicked out of the Air BnB when they realise you are a hens party!

Why My Ultimate Perth Hens Accommodation?

Booking accommodation for a group is nothing like booking for yourself, so we're here to take the hassle and confusion out of the process for you! Our My Ultimate Hens accommodation in Perth is designed to ensure you enjoy a flawless stay with all of the convenience you need at your doorstep.

Not only do we have incredible rates, we also consider all of the little details that make a huge difference to your best friends hens running smoothly. Things like making sure there is a full size fridge for any BYO bubbly, a living space to gather the group & get party prepped in style, ensuring our properties are in central locations and arranging bedding that ensures no guest has to share their bed!

Plus, there's no need to spend hours navigating no-cancellation policies or trying to predict how many ladies will actually attend. If you have chosen our unlimited sleeping option, we ensure we accommodate for your group, no matter the size as long as you meet your package minimum! 

At My Ultimate Hens, we are your partner in making sure your vision for her celebration comes to life and that you have the perfect accommodation to enjoy pure comfort and convenience. We'll cheers to that!

How Do The Sleeping Arrangements Work?

We are so glad you asked! Our sleeping arrangements are something we designed especially for our hens, and we can't wait for you to enjoy!

When accommodation comes as part of your My Ultimate Hens package, we sort all of the logistics for you. Often at the time of booking, you won't know exactly how many guests are really going to come. If you have ever planned a hens before, you know that numbers can change at a drop of a hat! 

We allocate one main ‘Bachelorette Pad’ apartment – which is the main pad for the hens weekend. The place all of the girls can get together to mingle & enjoy the excitement of the hens party together! This is the apartment with the largest living space, the full size fridge for your BYO bubbly and where that eye candy topless waiter could be knocking on the door! Your My Ultimate Hens Bachelorette Pad typically houses the hen and bridal party overnight, with the other ladies only returning to their own apartments in the same building to sleep, shower or get dolled up for the night. If you do happen to truly know how many people exactly are coming, then let us know and we can chat you through specific options for your exact number of guests.

Beware Of Co-SLeeping Rates!

When you're planning events, the devil is in the detail.

You just need to know what details to look out for! 

Here at My Ultimate Hens, we understand that most people aren't booking group accommodation every day, and knowing what to look out for isn't as easy as it sounds. That's why we're here to take care of it all for you! Because we are booking group accommodation every. single. day. for our fabulous hens! And yes, we're totally jealous.

Unfortunately when it comes to group accommodation, some details aren't so obvious. Like the dreaded co-sleeping issue! There are some other companies out there who put together accommodation packages and neglect to mention that the rooms contain double and queen beds that don’t split. What does that mean for your group? 

It means that the majority of guests will need to share their bed. Eeeek! We don't know about you, but we're not about to volunteer to sleep in the same bed with another guest we may not know.

At My Ultimate Hens we care about these details! We don't leave you high and dry sleeping next to the brides aunt Rita. When accommodation comes as part of a My Ultimate Hens package, we guarantee every guest their own individual bed - and we send you the rooms and bedding configuration in advance so that you can all have that well deserved place to sleep the fun off in your own bed. 

This also means you will have the full rooming list in advance of check in so you can work out who you want to be allocated to each room configuration!

How Do I Know How Many Beds I Will Need?

If you have ever planned a hens party before, you’ll be nodding along to this next part. If this is your first time planning a hens – we're so excited you're here! Oh, and we're about to save you from a whole lot of frustration when it comes to group numbers. You're welcome!

Planning a hens always seems easy at first. But if it were easy, we wouldn't be helping thousands of maid of honours every year!

Picture this

You have just been asked to be the Maid Of Honour. You've just created the official hens group chat & excitement is in its prime! Everybody says they're definitely coming, so you book your accommodation for the whole group. Everybody will just pay for their share when you ask them, right?

We wish that was the case!

When it comes time to front up the money into your account – numbers often drop dramatically and when you've booked your own accommodation? This often means leaving you out of pocket or stuck with non-cancellable rooms and nobody to fill them!

Even if you book the more pricey 'refundable' accommodation, it can quickly become a logistical nightmare trying to get everyone to confirm before that cancellable period ends.

Not to mention trying to write up spreadsheets to ensure you've thought of every detail, or navigating room left-overs closer to the date if your group size changes.

We see this day in, day out - and it's our mission to ensure you don't have to endure it! You have a bride-to-be to support and a wedding to help her plan. Allow us to be your secret weapon in this department.

Forget worrying about the logistics – we take care of all of that! When an overnight stay comes as part of your My Ultimate Hens package, we guarantee every guest their own bed or rollaway for that one easy per head price, regardless of if your numbers change. Just let your consultant know the maximum number of guests you expect to stay and they will work out the best possible option for your group!

You read that right.

We wear the hassle of changing apartments up or down, cancelling rooms, adding in new ones and wrangling logistics. This is what we do – and we’re really, really good at it! As long as you have the minimum amount of guests that you committed to for your original package – we will move things around and take the headache out of your hens night accommodation planning. Welcome to the world of My Ultimate Hens. You sip the champers while we do the work. We agree, it's a pretty great deal!

Different People Staying Different Nights?

Planning a hens party has lots of elements! Something to consider when looking for hens friendly accommodation, is that you may want to have different guest numbers on different nights.

For example, you may want to have some people check in on the Friday, and stay the whole weekend until Sunday. Others may come only for the Saturday night. This is extremely common for hens weekends where the Friday night is spent with just the bridal party, and the rest of the hens group is joining on the Saturday night and many other scenarios.

With our My Ultimate Hens weekend accommodation, this is something we offer! The flexibility to have different numbers on different dates, without having to worry about people who are staying across multiple nights needing to check out or change rooms. 

We take care of all of the logistics like room configurations and making sure that all of the moving parts are taken care of - rest assured that we live and breathe hens parties, and we are experts and ensuring that everything with your hens hotel stay runs smoothly!

Simply chat to your hens accommodation consultant about the options for your group size, and your vision for the hens weekend, so that we can offer advice to suit your perfect plan!

Can Individual Rooms Be Arranged?


There are a range of scenarios you may find yourself, or a guest wanting their very own room. We're here to make that happen! Find some of our FAQ's below.

What if I only want one specific room?

We've got you! This is absolutely something we offer & we can't wait to create your perfect package to include your ideal room!

Every hens party is unique, and that's what we love about them! That's why we're totally flexible when it comes to the style of accommodation you want.

Whether you are looking for a city escape before the hens celebration, wanting to lock in the perfect place to get ready with your closest friends or simply a fabulous stay convenient to the hens party location so that you can rest your heads in premium comfort after dancing the night away - My Ultimate Hens has you covered.

When you book a specific room type, this means that there is a maximum number of guests able to sleep in the room. This is based on the size of the room you have chosen and how many beds are available! Of course, your consultant will advise how many lucky guests can stay in your chosen room type. If you need additional rooms, or want to upgrade to our "Exclusive Unlimited Sleeping" offering - just ask & we will make it happen!

What if I have a guest who wants their own room, while everyone else shares?

You got it!

When it comes to room configurations, you need an expert on your team! It can all get a little overwhelming navigating room sizes, types and booking policies when handling a multi-room booking, so let us do it for you!

It's common for one or two guests to want their own room, often the mother of the bride or guests who may have little ones to video call before bed time. Sure, they could book themselves however unless the whole booking is made all together, this can result in rooms in different towers, or confusion at check in.

Our My Ultimate Hens team are highly trained in room allocation & securing the perfect configuration, regardless of how many rooms are being utilised for sharing, or individual use! It's our pleasure to take care of it all!

Please note, that whilst we wish we could help all of the fabulous hens groups that come to us, due to the high demand of our hens night accommodation in Perth, availability cannot be guaranteed for all dates.

 We don't hold tentative bookings, and availability is offered on a first in, best dressed basis. Deposits do vary depending on accommodation choice and date. 

Still have questions, or want to find out further info? You can always Contact Us to chat with your hens party planner to see if we still have availability on your chosen date. You can also call us on 1300 339 734.

Let's get this party started!