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Toasting Team Success: Private winery tour & dine

Step into a world of celebration and connection with our Winery Tour Team Building Package – an exclusive experience designed to elevate spirits, foster bonds, and create unforgettable memories. Embark on a bespoke journey curated by My Ultimate Team Events, exploring handpicked wineries, distillaries and breweries. Raise a glass to your team's achievements, mingle with colleagues, and revel in the shared excitement of the day, before continuing the celebration with a waterfront dinner. Cheers to a day of bonding, laughter, and epic celebrations!

See for yourself why our clients come back year after year!

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Package Includes:


Price: $199 per head

Based On A Team Of: 20 People

Get In Touch with us to check availability for your chosen date and pricing for your team size.

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We can customise this experience with wine bottle labels with your brand logo for a unique keepsake, or organise your My Ultimate Team Events driver to host team trivia related to your company on the bus! You also have the option of including your logo in this package with our custom welcome cookies or giftbags!

We do all the work and logistics of your team building event, so you can get back to the business of running your business.

That is why My Ultimate Team Events packages are the best choice you can make – and why teams just like yours keep coming back year after year!

So why settle for another mundane team building activity when you can treat your team to an unforgettable adventure with My Ultimate Team Events? Get in touch today to see if we still have this package available on your chosen date and for your team size - and take the first step towards building a stronger, more cohesive team. 

Celebrate your team and your business success in the way that honours what you have built – and your team, and your team culture, will benefit far after you have docked back.

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Customise For Your Team

Let's Get This Party Started:

What Is The My Ultimate Team Kit?

Team Celebration & Team Bonding!

When it comes to your package with My Ultimate Team Events, you are not only booking your team in for an unreal celebration, you are also investing in team building! Each package comes with our exclusive Team Kit - designed for team bonding opportunities both pre, post and during your event. You know your team better than anyone, so the idea is for you to take our curated collection and utilise our exclusive bonding experiences and activities where you feel suits your team.

Think of our Team Kit like a deck of inspo cards - with so much more! From team oriented ideas, templates, ice breakers, inspiration and digital printables, our exclusive Team Kit, is a curated collection of specific ideas and activities, designed to enhance your experience and foster team cohesion. When you book a corporate event with My Ultimate, you gain access to this invaluable resource at no additional cost. 

It's those little extras like these that set us apart and have our clients raving about their experiences with us. Why settle for a standard gathering when you can combine work and play seamlessly? 

With categories ranging from team bonding to ice breakers, communication strategies to collaborative challenges, our Team Kit is packed with ideas and templates that you can customise according to your team's unique needs and objectives. Similar team decks, including ours, sell direct to companies for upwards of $899 – luckily your exclusive access to our Team Kit is included in each our My Ultimate Team Events Packages.

And best of all? You receive our Team Kit as soon as you book your event with My Ultimate! Immediate access means you can dive in straight away and start planning or even using our Team Kit for collaboration and amazing bonding opportunities right away. Whether you host some introductory games and challenges prior to your event to get everybody excited for the celebrations ahead, or save them for the day of the event, how and when you use the My Ultimate Events Team Kit is up to you!

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Looking For EOFY, Christmas Or A Friday?

Whilst we would love to help all of the teams who come to us looking for the ultimate celebration, our packages do sell out every weekend!

 Availability is limited even quarters in advance, especially early at peak times like EOFY, the Festive Season, New Years Eve, End Of Month and Friday's are our busiest day. Please note that we do not hold tentative booking requests.
Get in contact with us to see if this package is still available on your chosen date.


Raise A Glass To Your Brand!

Step into a world of celebration and team unity with our exclusive Winery Tour Team Building Package – an exhilarating experience meticulously crafted to elevate spirits, foster connections, and create unforgettable moments. Embark on a journey curated exclusively by My Ultimate Team Events with our own driver and private transport, where every sip and every laugh is a toast to your team's success.

This isn't your average winery tour – it's a bespoke adventure designed to break free from the mundane corporate winery tour (yawn!) and embrace the extraordinary. With our own driver and guide leading the way, you'll journey to handpicked wineries, breweries, and distilleries nestled amidst stunning landscapes. We've specifically chosen venues that offer a wide variety of wines, brews, or spirits to suit every palate, ensuring the tour is tailored perfectly to your team's tastes.

As you explore each venue, you'll have the chance to raise a glass to your team's achievements, mingle with colleagues, and revel in the shared excitement of the day. And to make the experience even more special, we offer the option to customize wine bottle labels with your tour's logo – a unique keepsake to commemorate your team's unforgettable journey.

But the fun doesn't stop there! After your day of celebration, it's time to continue the festivities with a waterfront dinner extravaganza. With drinks flowing and culinary delights aplenty, gather around shared platters and toast to the bonds forged and memories made during your unforgettable winery tour adventure.

With our Winery Tour Team Building Package, the possibilities are endless and the celebrations are boundless. Let us transport you to a world of excitement, connection, and jubilation, where every moment is an opportunity to raise a glass and celebrate the power of teamwork. When it comes to team building, trust My Ultimate Team Events to deliver an experience that's as exhilarating and unforgettable as your team itself. Cheers to a day of bonding, laughter, and epic celebrations!

FAQ's About This Package


What venues do we go to:

Here at My Ultimate Events we have several of our own venues, as well as exclusive partnerships with stunning venues and activity arenas throughout the city and winery regions, where we handle all of their corporate events and enquiries through our packages. Based on your team size, event date and chosen timing, get in touch with us to see photos of the specific My Ultimate Events venues we have available as part of this package. We have VIP tasting rooms through to private winery or brewery hire, and can cater for teams of 4 to 1000+ people!

What add-ons are available for this package:

The most popular addons to this package are our:

Custom Corporate Cookies with your logo on them, to welcome people on board

Rooftop Bar is a very popular addon to this package. Head to our My Ultimate rooftop bar in the heart of the city to bridge the time between the end of your winery tour and dinner. Sunset cocktails, often paired with custom cookies printed with your logo, and some of our exclusive My Ultimate team building ice breaker games, ensure the ultimate team bonding experience - work hard, play hard!

Transport - We have our own fleet of My Ultimate Event Hummers, Limos and Buses which can be used before or after your package to ensure everyone gets home safely. We can also organise one of our chauffeured My Ultimate Buses to make multiple drop offs on the way home after the event - many clients use this option to drop each team member off to their residences, often grouped by geographical areas of the wider city. Get in touch to let us know, we so can sort the logistics for you!

A My Ultimate Drag Queen is a very popular addon to this package. Be greeted by your private Drag Queen - with options to personalise her peformance based around your brand or office fun - including Drag Bingo, Drag Trivia - our queens often even perform a drag number to your corporate jingle! Sunset cocktails, often paired with custom cookies printed with your logo, and some of our exclusive My Ultimate team building ice breaker games hosted by our My Ultimate Drag Queen, ensure the ultimate team bonding experience - work hard, play hard!

Other Team Challenges - A popular idea is to add on another team challenge or activity to this package - our crafted cocktail making challenges are so much fun and will have everyone laughing, shaking cocktails and getting creative - fostering teamwork and problem solving. Popular addon activities for this package also include our My Ultimate team escape room challenge or our crafted Team Building Treasure Hunt experience! Just get in touch and we can sort all of the logistics, so you can get back to running your business whilst we sort out the ultimate team event for you - that is why our packages exist!

Our My Ultimate Team Events staff are here to help you find the perfect package - and any addons - to ensure your event is smooth sailing. You can Contact Us to discuss your vision for the event - whether it be one of our popular upgrades as above or one of our more left of field add ons available - like paintball, a treasure hunt, clay shooting, jet boating and more.

What Times are Available?:

We run this package typically on a mid morning pickup time. The dining does not have to be used as dinner specifically! As this is one of our most popular event packages, availability is limited. Let us know the date you had in mind and your preferred timing, so that we can check availability for your chosen event.

How Do I Book?:

The Steps To Party are listed below with a quick scroll down this page. To make a booking or to check availability with our team for your chosen package:


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At My Ultimate Team Events, we pride ourselves on delivering unparalleled experiences that leave a lasting impression on your team long after the event has ended. 

Whether you're celebrating the end of the financial year, hosting your annual Christmas party, rewarding your team for their hard work, or simply seeking to unify your team with bonding initiatives, we have a package to suit your vision, and your team.

Our packages are meticulously curated to blend excitement, engagement, and teamwork, ensuring that every moment can be utilised to its fullest! Whether you want a light hearted event filled with laughter and games, an activity packed adventure with challenges, or a high end soiree - our diverse range of packages are endless, and can be tailored to suit your specific needs.  
Allow us to take the hassle out of your corporate event planning. One easy per head price. All of the logistics handled for you. Endless package possibilities to suit your team to a tee! 

Our exclusive Team Kit adds a whole new layer of experience and value to your team event. The ideas, activities, questions and ice breakers are all designed for you to incorporate as much or as little as you like – all add incredibly priceless team bonding and offer a rare and curated opportunity to combine team training with celebration.

If your idea of the perfect team event is one that runs seamlessly and is packed full exceptional value - you’re in the right place! That’s why our clients come back year after year! Let’s make your next team event a huge success with My Ultimate Team Events.

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